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Eat Pray Save: The Trials & Tribulations Of A Mitzvah Mom – Part 7

Eat Pray Save: The Trials & Tribulations Of A Mitzvah Mom – Part 7

The Invitation
By Cindy Silvert,

My son told me his friends don’t have e-mail addresses. But that’s just his coded, tortured, rebellious, generation X way of saying “My friends don’t have e-mail addresses.” Read: e-mail is for old people who confuse high internet bills with being cool. To what end? To inform Aunt Bertha that I received her fifteenth crocheted tea warmer? Adults like e-mail because it’s still a letter, written with two hands on a really pretty typewriter. See, I had this “cutting edge” idea to e-mail an animated invitation rather than burdening everybody with more junk mail. One of my “awesome” concepts had the words “TOP SECRET” superimposed on a set of Tefillin, set to the Mission Impossible sound track –oh yes, I’m a “with it” gal.

I’m opposed to the printed invitation for a number of reasons. Reason Number One: The second Seder. As you surely know, I’ve been campaigning against it for years. Not that I need to explain, but in the 21st Century, featuring the clock, the satellite, the ‘world wide web,’ instant messaging, video conferencing and the Dixie cup, we no longer have to rely on the speed and accuracy of smoke signals billowing from the hilltops of Jerusalem to places like Tel Aviv, Haifa and South Beach. Yup, we pretty much know the time.

Just as the second Seder is an anachronistic hanger-on-er (did someone say mother-in-law?), so too, is the printed invitation. “But look everyone, when you add just a drop of water, Harold’s invitation turns into a life size blow up of Al Gore recycling Harold’s invitation!” The other reasons (for my crusade against the printed invite) are, of course, Al Gore, his planet, and stamps.

Perhaps what my son was trying to say was: “For the love of scarred suburban children everywhere, please don’t make my party ‘creative and special,’ again.” Well, if he’s still upset about the time I served that (½ price) Barbie birthday cake, he’ll just have to take it up with his shrink. So here’s the kicker: I’m about to design, order, pay for and stamp a bundle of cellulose for the very people I’m saving the planet for. No, it’s not ironic people, it’s plain stupid, because the gizmo thingie they text on all day can also be used as a phone! So why doesn’t he just call his bloody friends and save me the hassle? You know those crazy things you look back on and laugh about? This isn’t one of them.


About Cindy Silvert
Cindy Lynn Silvert took the long route to the States from Canada via Israel, where she studied, worked and had her first two children. A lover of the Arts, Cindy is a professionally trained actor, prolific artist and writer. She has designed educational software, curricula and museums exhibits in addition to editing two books. She writes for a number of sites including where she shares culinary secrets, shortcuts and tips. She is also a featured chef and lead contributor of

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