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5 Ways To Continue Planning Your Bar Bat Mitzvah During the Coronavirus Pandemic

5 Ways To Continue Planning Your Bar Bat Mitzvah During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Social distancing and stay-at-home orders continue in this pandemic environment. Spring Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations have been postponed, but what if you are still in planning mode? There are a number of ways you can feel productive when it comes to your Bar Bat Mitzvah planning.

1. The Guest List

Now is a good time to pull your list together. Knowing approximately how many guests you are inviting (both adults and kids) is the first step to choosing your Bar or Bat Mitzvah venue. allows you to keep all the details of your service and celebration in one place. It’s easy to create or upload Excel lists you may have already started.

2. Montage Photos & Videos

Pulling together photos and videos for your child’s montage is a tedious process, one that needs lots of time. Time is what you have right now, so go through your photos and start grouping them together. Here’s more information on How To Organize Your Montage Photos.

3. Design

As you know, logos and phrases are a very popular way to brand your event. Families are cleverly using their child’s name, initials, or last name. Take a look at this story, How To Think Of A Clever Logo for some inspiration.

4. Bar and Bat Mitzvah Venues

If your celebration is being rescheduled or if you have not yet decided on a Bar Bat Mitzvah venue, you can still look at locations. Many venues listed in our Vendor Directory offer virtual tours. Take a look from the comfort of your home; then contact the venue to ask questions.

5. Virtual Meetings

Just because you can’t go to in-person meetings doesn’t mean you can’t meet with Bar Bat Mitzvah vendors and move the planning along. With today’s technology, many vendors are able to conduct virtual meetings via Zoom, Facetime or other platforms to show you their products/services.

Other Bar Bat Mitzvah planning parents are another great resource while you’re stuck at home! Join one of Mitzvah Market’s 17 regional Facebook groups to ask questions, share ideas and more. Sign up here

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