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Bar Mitzvah Invite Reaches 80,000!

Bar Mitzvah Invite Reaches 80,000!

The Goodman family of London decided to send out a video invitation to invite guests to their son Eyal’s Bar Mitzvah happening on November 20, 2010.

The invitation has gone viral thanks to YouTube reaching more than 80,000 people and growing everyday.

They took a film clip from a biblical television mini-series and added their own subtitles so Jacob and Esau appear to be discussing how to get to Eyal’s Bar Mitzvah.

To the family’s surprise, after it hit YouTube, they began to receive replies and comments from all over the world.

Mrs. Goodman said, “We decided we wanted to be creative with our invitation. We sent a private link to our guests through email. I was worried that people wouldn’t look at their emails and no one would turn up to the Bar Mitzvah – how wrong I was.”

Mr Goodman then added, “I’ve also had an offer to work with a film producer in Hollywood, who said she liked my ideas.”

The Goodmans have decided to put their sudden fame to good use for a positive cause. “Our community in Tel Mond is trying to build a new synagogue at the moment. We are now raising money to fund the building, from people that have seen the film and enjoyed it. We are now receiving donations from as far as Italy.”

Eyal said: “I’m glad something good can come out of it and we can help to rebuild the synagogue.”

He joked: “Due to the Bar Mitzvah becoming so high profile, it has been recommended that we have extra security on the doors – just in case.”

Congratulations to the Goodman family from Mitzvah Market!

To see Eyal’s creative invitation, click here and join the rest of the 80,000 who have viewed it!

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