Bar Bat Mitzvah Thank Yous

Bar Bat Mitzvah “Thank Yous” With Style

Bar Bat Mitzvah “Thank Yous” With Style


After your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration, there is one more thing you need them to do and it isn’t always easy!

Saying “thank you” is basic etiquette, and will be greatly appreciated by your guests, but it doesn’t have to be boring.

Families have found different ways of saying “thanks” and we are bringing you a variety of ideas.





Segeman Mitzvah thank you
We recently featured The Segelman Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight where Bat Mitzvah girl Alana spray-mounted photos to the inside of a thank you card so each guest received a photo of themselves from the celebration!

Evan Lapidus Thank you note

Many families are now having “live” event painters. The Lapidus Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight featured a fold-over card using an image of the finished painting done at their celebration

Sara Renee Winter Bar Mitzvah menu thank you
Sara Renee Events created a thank you card that was at each guest’s place setting

Brenner Thank You Note

Fabu Designs created this Bat Mitzvah girl’s thank you card from a great action shot taken during the party

Rofe Thank you for coming

The Rofe Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight featured this pop art themed thank you card

Thank you note
Spencer used a pre-printed card and just had to sign his name!

Thankster invite blast helps make it easier to write and send off thank you notes. Your child’s handwriting can be used for the print and each message can be easily personalized for every recipient

thank you

We found a great idea on Before she even received her gifts, the Bat Mitzvah girl wrote a thank you note to each of her guests. The note wasn’t about the presents, it was an expression of what each particular attendee means to her. It was a few paragraphs describing the role this family played in her life, reliving some shared experiences and memories and expressing gratitude for enhancing her life

Did your child have a creative “thank you” note? Please let us know at [email protected].

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