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Mitzvah Inspire: Place Cards

Mitzvah Inspire: Place Cards



One of the first things your guests will see when entering your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration are the place cards. They come in all types of shapes, sizes and colors. Some are even dual purpose! We searched around the internet to bring you a sampling of options.

We hope these will give you inspiration for your child’s upcoming Mitzvah!


stamp inspire


Why not use the place card table itself as an opportunity to wow your guests as soon as they walk into the reception. Here are some ideas we have found online to add some fun and creativity to your place card presentation without breaking the bank.


martha stewart parasol place cards

These colorful mini-parasols in the sand are DIY from Martha Stewart

Mitzvah Inspire: Martha Stewart DIY

These “Please Take Your Seat” place cards are literal! They are also DIY from Martha Stewart’s Website

martha stewart lounge chair inspiration place cards
These lounge chairs are too cute not to include and are also from Martha!

beau-coup folding-beach-chair-place-card-holders
Who wouldn’t want to sit in this inviting mini beach chair from Beau-Coup

Mitzvah Inspire: Family Affair small

How about some dual purpose place cards from Family Affair Distributing Inc. Shown here is the Hershey bar, the “kiss” box, a water bottle and an altoid tin

Mitzvah Inspire: sailboat

We found this paper sailboat on PieceOfCakeParties

Mitzvah Inspire: Place cards

We have reported about ThemeNaps in the past and now their napkins can serve as place cards too

Mitzvah Inspire: Place cards

Let these adorable smarties from serve as place cards for your party!

If you had a creative place card idea for your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah that you would like to share with, please let us know at [email protected].

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