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Re-Use or Re-Sell with Online Marketplace

Re-Use or Re-Sell with Online Marketplace

We found a great Website for all you Mitzvah planning families!

Whether you are in the middle of planning or you have just celebrated a Mitzvah this is a new free Website called, that offers an online marketplace to buy and sell gently used and new party supplies that are left over from events rather than throwing items away that often are not recyclable products.

The site uses a buyer and a seller model, like Ebay, and Event Leftovers acts as the middleman, making transactions easy.

A seller (also known as the Member) posts their leftover items either at a high visibility level ($2.50 per post) or a standard visibility level (free). All transactions are securely handled through Paypal.

Event Leftovers

We found these 54 baseball maracas available for $14.00!

This unique Website specializes in recycling, reusing and re-enjoying party favors, decorations, paper goods, and even party clothes and some costume jewelry.

World-renowned event production and design company, Colin Cowie Lifestyle, is a registered seller on the site making available to people all across the country amazing items from his high-profile events. “After every party we’re always left with an inventory of amazing things; finally with Event Leftovers, instead of packing them up and storing them in our warehouse, someone else can enjoy them at their party,” explains Cowie. Not a bad deal!

Event Leftovers is for both event professionals (event planners, florists, venues, party stores, and nonprofessionals (anyone that is organizing a Mitzvah party for themselves, family or friends).

Check it out here!

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