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Party Art by Naptime Studio

Party Art by Naptime Studio

Party Art: Putting the Pieces Together

Party Art by Naptime Studios offers a fabulous activity that turns into a keepsake that we wanted to share with you. Here’s the scoop, right from their Website:

“No matter the age or occasion, Party Art will create a party atmosphere unlike any other. Party Art® is more than an activity; it’s a one of a kind piece of art created by family and friends.

“Each guest is given a puzzle piece and with paintbrush in hand, they create a one of a kind piece of art for your special occasion. Whether you are the next Picasso or you can’t even draw a stick figure, everyone will roll up their sleeves and have a great time.

“Once all of the pieces are painted, the puzzle is assembled and framed. Your guests will be amazed by the masterpiece they’ve created!”

Check out this clever idea at the Naptime Studio/Party Art Website.

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