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Gorilla Cheese NYC

Gorilla Cheese NYC

It’s hard writing these stories while hungry!

Our readers loved our past story called, Mitzvah Exit: Something Delicious For the Ride Home. Then recently, we reported about a new french fry truck called, The Frying Dutchman, but today, it’s all about grilled cheese!


Gorilla Cheese NYC has joined the New York City food truck revolution. They are taking one of our favorite comfort foods to a new level.

Gorilla NYC truck
To find their truck on the streets of NYC, just follow them on Twitter

They use fresh local breads and diverse cheeses to create grilled cheese sandwiches like the “Brooklyn Special” which features fresh asiago with Prosciutto de Parma on the inside or relive your Mom’s classic after-school grilled cheese called, “The Classic” with american cheese on buttery white bread.

Check out other types below:

Gorilla Cheese NYC

Challah bread with American & Saute Sweet Onions

Gorilla Cheese NYC
Challah bread with Cheddar and Bacon in & out

Gorilla Cheese NYC

Challah bread with American, Munster, bacon & egg

They also offer tasty sides such as crispy Tater Tots, Killer Mac & Cheese, Cup of Tomato Soup & Mac & Cheese Bites.

Plus, a delicious smores desert on homemade graham cracker bread.

To learn more about Gorilla Cheese NYC, check out their Website.


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