Mitzvah Inspire: Custom Dancer T-Shirts

Mitzvah Inspire: Custom Dancer T-Shirts

Mitzvah Inspire: Custom Dancer T-Shirts


Lots of detail goes into the theme of a Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration- colors, a phrase, or even initials have been used to set the tone of an event.

Many times, custom logos are used throughout the decor of the party. We’ve recently seen them on t-shirts for the DJ dancers, which adds a fun touch and brings the theme of your party onto the dance floor!

You can also give these t-shirts out to your guests as favors.




Check out the t-shirts on these dancers:

DanceJock Productions: Dancer T-shirt

The DanceJock Productions dancers get into this Bar Mitzvah theme wearing jerseys with the number 13

ET custom dancer t-shirts
The dancers from Entertainment Tonite Events wore a t-shirt with the Bat Mitzvah girl’s logo, which was her name Chelsea incorporated into a heart

Sarah Merians Photography & Video dancer t-shirt
Sarah Merians Photography & Video reminds us that sometimes the Bar Bat Mitzvah child’s name is perfect for a theme! Bar Mitzvah boy JAGGER had his DJ dancers wear t-shirts with his name on the front and “Moves Like…” on the back

Dancer shirts Party Harty

 The Party Harty Entertainment dancers are wearing “Spencer Night Live” shirts to go with this SNL Bar Mitzvah theme

Jordan Elyse Photography: Dancer t-shirts

At Mallory’s Bat Mitzvah, Jordan Elyse Photography captured her brother making his entrance escorted by two Todd Yahney Music & Entertainment dancers wearing t-shirts with the Bat Mitzvah girl’s logo

EJ The DJ dancer t-shirts

EJ The DJ dancers are wearing “Air Max” t-shirts which ties in with the Bar Mitzvah theme

AJH Entertainment Dancer T-shirt
MC Adam J of AJH Entertainment and his dancers pose for a quick shot at Sam’s Superbowl Sunday Bar Mitzvah. AJH Entertainment customized Sam’s logo which was incorporated throughout the whole event

Unique Musique: Dancer T-shirt

Unique Musique provided the music entertainment for Jason’s NYC Bar Mitzvah Bash at the Crystal Plaza. This celebration was all about New York City and included breakdancers, his name in lights on their LED Matrix Stage and dancers wearing shirts with his logo

Dance Time DJ: Dancer t-shirt

 From Dance Time Entertainment, this dancer’s t-shirt is from Elena and Vanessa’s B’nai Mitzvah. These girls are into everything pop culture and the MTV logo was a good way to incorporate what they love

Richie Hart Events: Dancer t-shirt
The Richie Hart Events crew were decked out in blue and orange for a Syracuse themed Bar Mitzvah

Christine Foster: Dancer T-shirt
From Christine Foster Photo, Bat Mitzvah girl Chloe entered the ballroom at Sherman Mills with dancers from All Around Entertainment. Their t-shirts featured her logo which was also on the back wall of the room 

Love Shack Photo: Dancer t-shirt
From Love Shack Photo, these dancers are wearing Bar Mitzvah boy Maxx’s logo on their shirts - dancer t-shirt created a custom logo and the t-shirts that the Party Harty dancers wore at Sydney’s celebration

Flair Event Group: Dancer t-shirt
MC Julian and Aaron of Flare Event Group and their dancers pose for a quick shot at Lexi’s Bat Mitzvah. Flare Event Group wore Lexi’s logo on their chests all evening. This logo was incorporated throughout the whole event from the t-shirts to the customized lighting and plasma screen images

Custom Dancer T-shirts DJ Yahaney
From Yahney Entertainment Group Inc, DJ Jeff Yahney’s dancers wore FAO Sarah t-shirts created by Dazzling Parties

Did you have dancer t-shirts at your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah? Let us know at [email protected].



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