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Ideas For Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah Pictures

Ideas For Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah Pictures

Congratulations! Your son or daughter just celebrated their Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

After all the money you spent on hair/make-up/clothing and accessories, we want to share with you various ways to re-use, re-purpose all your Bar/Bat Mitzvah photos into fantastic gift options for years to come.

Whether you need a gift for a grandparent, uncle, aunt or friend, we have found great ideas on how to use all those fabulous photos.

BlanketWorx is a source for personalized woven products. Their unique gift items include woven afghans and throw blankets, pillows, towels and wall hangings.

Blanket Worx

Photo Wow offers forty unique, beautiful, fun and colorful designs from your photos. From Warhol-style pop art, to comic designs, to a multitude of collage choices, photo wow can create anything you can imagine, including photo canvas.

Photo Wow

PicPads produces custom-made photo notepads for people all over the world. Rachael Ray selected PicPads as one of her top 10 gift products in 2007.


Mitzvah Market founder Sheri Lapidus used a photo from her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah to create a photo pad for Mother’s Day – Very cool concept. You send in your picture and get back a “paint by number” kit. After finishing your painting, you will have an exact replica of your original photo!

Quilts Of Distinction – Created by artist Jane Pearlson these photo quilts are customized.

Quilts of DIstinction

Calendars from Kodak Gallery – Why not take your favorite 12 pictures (or more) and create a calendar? It’s very easy to do and your recipient will love it!

Kodak Gallery Calendar

New York Canvas Art – They provide a unique, yet affordable way to enjoy your favorite photos. They can preserve your Mitzvah photos by having some of the pictures printed on canvas. The finished product makes a great gift!

New York Canvas Art

Use your photos for a personalized cookie jar from Mrs. Field’s. The jar comes with 48 Nibblers® bite-sized cookies and you can use up to three images

Mrs. Fields

Did you do something unique with your Bar/Bat Mitzvah photos? Let us know at [email protected]


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