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Bar Bat Mitzvah Photo Booth Glasses: Sun-Staches

Bar Bat Mitzvah Photo Booth Glasses: Sun-Staches

If you are a regular watcher of ABC’s Shark Tank, you might recognize Sun-Staches®.

These new, fun styles of eyewear feature a marvelous mustache and much more. They work well as a Bar Bat Mitzvah favor, can be an addition to your DJ giveaways and/or accessories for your photo booth.

Gone are the days of boring oversized “party” glasses. Their outrageous facewear line includes completely unique and proprietary designs including a pirate, police officer, devil, Santa Claus, King, Uncle Sam, and hundreds of others.

They have also secured licensing deals with companies like Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers and Universal allowing them to turn some of the world’s greatest movie and cartoon icons into transformative glasses.

Sun-Staches can instantly transform anyone into the life of the party. Check out some of their styles below:

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