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Mitzvah Find: Paddle You

Mitzvah Find: Paddle You

Paddle You is the world’s first web-based table tennis racket designer. It enables you to customize a regulation size ping pong paddle with pictures or designs from your Facebook, Instagram, computer, phone, or tablet.

If your child loves ping pong or tennis, or you decide to have ping pong tables during your cocktail hour, we think this is a great idea! streamlines the process so anyone can simply upload a photo, adjust the image, and checkout. The customization process is extremely fast and does not affect the quality or play of the paddle. All customized paddles ship from the production facility in New York City, and domestic orders will arrive within a few days.


  Custom paddles start at $29.00


Your child’s favorite sports team


Your favorite pet

A funny saying

Click on Paddle You for more information or email them at [email protected].

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