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From the cocktail hour to the dance floor, the music at your event will come to life using the outstanding, professional entertainers, bands, disc jockeys, and specialty acts that EJ The DJ has to offer.

EJ The DJ Inc. utilizes its worldwide resources to customize entertainment for your affair. They continuously explore and expand what is upcoming and available in the industry to provide you with the cutting edge innovations in entertainment services. The result is a unique event to remember, which could not be made possible by any other company.

TIP: Ed Jacobs, the Owner/CEO since the company was founded in 1985, suggests that your DJ/entertainers should arrive at least 1 hour prior to your cocktail hour. Additionally, your DJ/MC should do a final meeting (in person or over the phone) to get to know the family and assure you that every detail will be carried out to perfection.

EJ The DJ can be reached at 1-800-ejthedj.

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