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Creative Bar Bat Mitzvah Party Enhancements

Creative Bar Bat Mitzvah Party Enhancements


Every Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration is unique regardless of  budget. We would all agree that we want our guests to leave saying, “Wow!”

Families celebrate in a variety of ways; most have delicious food, some form of entertainment/music and their own special touches.

We recently found three unique ways to enhance your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration and involve your guests. In some cases “live” at the celebration or a keepsake to last for years and years.





Enjoy these ideas below:

Fine Art for Events
Fine Arts for Events provides unique paint by number artwork designed to entertain your guests and provide you with a work of art. Artist Michael Molly creates a painting from your original idea or existing photograph. He then prepares a numbered outline of the picture along with the paint and materials necessary to execute it. Mr. Molly will come to your event to assist your guests with completing your painting.



Numbered outlined canvas before painting

The finished product

Brick by Brick Lego Creations
Interactive fun for everyone! Every participant will lend a hand at completing a giant LEGO mosaic of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child. Each section comes with directions to complete, which will then be fitted into a numbered board creating the finished product by the end of the party. It will be a gift that lasts forever. They can also create great LEGO centerpieces.

In addition to LEGO portraits, they can customize centerpieces for any theme and portraits

Jelly Bean Arts
Jelly Bean Arts offers personalized, commissioned one-of-a-kind portraits, mosaics and landscapes to jazz up your Mitzvah! Artist Kristen Cumings is the official artist of the Jelly Belly company and she assembles these amazing paintings with an assortment of Jelly Beans that is sure to WOW your guests.

Made completely with actual Jelly Beans

 Did you have a creative enhancement at your child’s mitzvah? Let us know at [email protected].


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