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Mitzvah Inspire: Candle Lighting Displays, No Formal Cake!

Mitzvah Inspire: Candle Lighting Displays, No Formal Cake!

Let’s face it, we eat so much at these Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations, do we really need dessert?

Many venues offer terrific dessert buffets and some even have beautiful, plentiful candy bars making the need for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah cake unnecessary.

But for the traditional candle lighting ceremony, some families want to have a formal cake so guests can light candles.  Recently, a few readers have been asking us about alternatives, so we did some research and have come up many options, minus the formal cake!



See all that we found below:


Berger candlelighting

From the Berger Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight, beautiful floating candles

Candle lighting picture cube
Jeffrey Klein of East 7th Street Promotions used picture cubes. To see more click here

Eventful Productions Candle Lighting

For a skateboarding theme from Eventful Productions

Eventful Productions Candle Lighting

Also from Eventful Productions, cleverly using campbell soup cans for an “Andy Warhol” themed Bat Mitzvah

John Canning Candle Lighting ceremony

This Bar Mitzvah boy loves the piano and his candle lighting ceremony resembled keys of a piano from John Canning Fine Art Photography


In this cooking candle lighting, guests all place an ingredient into a bowl. To see the results, check out this Mitzvah Inspire

Alexander Candle Lighting

For this candle lighting ceremony, each special guest was invited to come up and receive an “Emmy” (Emily’s nickname). To see more, visit the Alexander Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight

Confetti Candle Lighting No Cake

A Broadway themed candle lighting from Confetti Events

Z event group Candle Lighting No Cake

From Z Event Group is this Avatar themed party. Instead of a cake they did a giant cupcake surrounded by smaller cupcakes as candle holders

Sydney with Tiff's Candy Cake

From the Adler Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight, this cake from Sweet Candy Cakes is actually made from candy bars and can be taken apart and given to guests

Carlee candlelighting

A selection of different sized round candles were used for the Nussbaum Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight

tennis canada 4
From Fos Decor Center, here is a more formal look with candles in beautiful holders

Jake Brett

Simon Elliot Events produced a City Scape light up skyline for the Brett Mitzvah Family Spotlight.
As each guest came up, a different building was illuminated

No cake mardi gras inspire

Ribbon Box Events brought to life this Mardi Gras theme with this candle lighting display

Balloon Artistry

This Rock n Roll themed Bar Mitzvah used a candle lighting display from Balloon Artistry

Name With Flames Candle Lighting No Cake

From Etsy’s Name With Flame, your name can hang in your room after your celebration!

Did you have an unusual candle lighting display? Let us know at [email protected].

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