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Delicious Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah Exit Treats

Delicious Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah Exit Treats

Leave your Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah guests feeling satisfied with a special gift or delcious treat at the end of the celebration or something for the ride home. See our past Mitzvah Exit Treat story here.

Below are some ideas featuring cookie dough, yogurt, a candy buffet, cupcakes, cookies, Dunkin Donuts apple pie and more for a delicious send-off giving your guests another reason to remember your celebration.

Pictured above: “A” pretzel treat, the initial of the Bat Mitzvah girl, from the Hally Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight story.


A wall of 400 homemade glitter donuts created a major WOW moment at the end of Cassidy’s Bat Mitzvah

Bar Mitzvah exit treat, The Dough Jar, Bat Mitzvah Exit treat

From The Dough Jar, their dough shots and bites are perfect for dessert tables, and can be made into customizable dough jars for a delicious party favor and Mitzvah Exit treat

16 Handles: Mitzvah Exit Treats

As guests left this Mitzvah celebration, they were greeted with a 16 Handles yogurt bar with various flavors and toppings

MItzvah Exit Treat Balloon Artistry

Balloon Artistry set up this delicious Mitzvah Exit candy buffet with lots of pretty pink accents

Mitzvah Exit Teat candy wall
Melisa Imberman of The Event of A Lifetime, Inc. created a candy wall for guests to enjoy

 MItzvah Exit Treat Flower Power Designs

Flower Power Designs hired this Gourmet Cupcakes truck for a Bat Mitzvah celebration

 Mitzvah Exit Treat Beth Fink Events

Have you heard of delicious Insomnia Cookies located on many college campuses? Beth Fink Events designed this InSAMnia cookie stand for Sammy’s Bat Mitzvah celebration

Elevate Event Lounge: Mitzvah Exit Treat 

Elevate Event Lounge incorporated the Bat Mitzvah girl’s logo to decorate a fun filled snack bag to go along with the favor. Each bag contained a classic Oreo cookie, a Birthday Oreo Cookie and Mint Oreo Cookie, the Bat Mitzvah girl’s favorites!

Mitzvah Exit Treats: NY Party Works 

Interactive Entertainment Group can replicate any store including a Dunkin’ Donuts, which greets guests at the exit!

 Mitzvah Exit Treat: Sarah Merians

Sarah Merians Photography and Video captured this great treat. The date was
March 14, 2015 (3.14.15) which is “Pi Day” so each guests received an actual pie in honor of Joe and Pi Day, 2015!

Simon Elliot Events: Mitzvah Exit Treat

Simon Elliot Events designed this Hollywood Cafe which offered cotton candy, drinks, pretzels and more to guests as they left this celebration

Mitzvah Exit Treats: Kai Studios

KAI studios created a beautiful display of gourmet candy apples for guests to enjoy at the end of the night

Mitzvah Exit Treat: Cloud 9 Event Center Provence

From Cloud 9 and Provence Catering guests choose their own Mitzvah Exit sweet treat from this donut wall!

Mitzvah Exit Treat: Candy With A Twist 

From Candy With a Twist, these custom logo s’more kits featuring your logo + their marshmallows = A perfect Mitzvah Exit treat!

Mitzvah Exit Treat: Treat House

Give your Bar Bat Mitzvah guests packaged rice krispie treats with your child’s logo from Treat House

Mitzvah Exit Treat: Sweet Dreams

From Sweet Dreams Studio, JB Young shot this carnival cart filled with treats at the end of a Mitzvah celebration

Did you have a unique Mitzvah Exit Treat? Email us at [email protected].


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