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Bar-Candy: The First Edible Cocktail!

Bar-Candy: The First Edible Cocktail!

Many Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations include a signature drink (non alcoholic for the kids of course).

Bar-Candy, a New York based catering company has developed an exclusive patented edible glass that will wow your guests!


Imagine offering a bubble gum-tini, a refreshing coconut mango-tini, cinnamon bun-tini, bananas foster-tini, rocky road-tini or strawberry cheesecake-tini just to name a few.

They offer mocktinis for young adults guests and you can rim the glasses with crushed cookie bits, bright fruity colors, or gold leaf. All these “drinks” are served in edible chocolate swirl cups that fit inside specially-fitted champagne and martini glasses.

bar candy 2

The cone-shaped vessels come in melt-free milk, dark, and white chocolate and can be dyed to match decor. Bar Candy was  featured in “Whose Wedding is it Anyway,” on the Style network and voted best new product on Biz Bash. 

Though Bar Candy only caters parties in the NYC area, they can ship the chocolate cones and glasses nationwide, and they’ll send you the recipe for any of their custom candy/cake/cookie-tinis…for your bartender to follow…how cool is that?

bar candy

Tastes yummy

For more information, visit their Website.



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