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Mitzvah Exit: Something Delicious For The Ride Home

Mitzvah Exit: Something Delicious For The Ride Home


After all the eating that goes on at Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations, and then the elaborate desserts, we all still love to grab something for that car ride home!
Many families are creating their own candy bars and we have found a few other creative options that we wanted to share!





Bar/Bat Mitzvah families have thought outside the box for their “Mitzvah Exit” treat. Here are some we wanted to share. We hope they inspire you for your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration.



Wabnik Pies

The Wabnik’s celebrated their son’s Bar Mitzvah in November, right before Thanksgiving. They live near an apple cider mill and purchased mini pies for all their guests

Wabnik Pies

Each pie had a label thanking everyone for celebrating with them!

Tacher Ralphs Ices

From the Tacher Bat Mitzvah family spotlight: Ralph’s Ices to go!

Kenny's Krumbs

Kenny’s Krumbs, the most delicious part of the crumb cake!

Mitzvah Exit: Baked By Melissa

These mini-cupcakes by Baked By Melissa were given out after Danielle Josephson’s Bat Mitzvah. The family created the custom “Sweet Dreams” label and Melissa put them on the boxes

Lapidus pretzels

From the Lapidus Bat Mitzvah family spotlight: A New York City pretzel vendor cart

Mitzvah Exit Asher potato chips

Athough Party Favorites used these chocolate covered potato chips from Asher’s as an exit treat for a 40th birthday party, it works for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs too. We love the idea of a QR code on the label which could lead guests to a Website of photos from the event or other unique places!


From the Brett Bar Mitzvah family spotlight this celebration continued their urban theme with garbage pails filled with treats from Sweet City Candy. Guests scooped their own candy as they left the celebration

Alexander America Runs On Emmy

From the Alexander Bat Mitzvah family spotlight: Guests were offered custom mugs and donuts from Dunkin Donuts

Baked Sweet

Baked Sweet can assemble a 4×4 gift box filled with cookies, tied up with ribbons to match the color theme of the party or cello bags filled with cookies or platters filled with baked goods where guests help themselves

Baked Sweet

This Mitzvah family had jars filled with M&Ms in front of the Baked Sweet cookies to go

Pastolove cupcakes

From the Pastolove Bat Mitzvah family spotlight a cupcake bar

Udell Mitzvah Exit

Dunkin Munchkins in to-go cups along with coffee, tea, hot cocoa and assorted cookies from the Udell Mitzvah Family Spotlight

Did you give your guests a treat for the ride home? Please let us know at [email protected].




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