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Mitzvah Project: Reaching Out To Help Out

Twin brothers Jake and Jesse Weiner of East Meadow, New York selected a Mitzvah Project because of their younger brother Shane’s condition.

Shane suffers from Psoriatic Arthritis, a form of inflammatory arthritis that can affect millions of Americans. Psoriasis, a skin disease that causes a red rash most commonly over the elbows, knees, ankles, feet, hands, and other areas.

We spoke with the Weiner brothers to learn more.

MM: What are you calling your Mitzvah Project?
JJW: Our project is called, “Reaching Out to Help Out.”

MM: Please give us details of exactly what your project is about?
We are collecting toys and books for children who are sick or in the hospital especially the rheumatology department because our little brother Shane gets treated at LIJ/Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New Hyde Park, NY¬† for his Psoriatic Arthritis.

MM: Does your project have a start and end date?
January, 2011 to March 18, 2011

MM: Please tell us why you decided to take on this Mitzvah Project.
We want to help out LIJ/Cohen Children’s Medical Center Rheumatology Division. We want to help the children in the hospital where our brother is being treated.

MM: Please tell us what it means to you to do a Mitzvah Project for your Bar Mitzvah?
We feel it is important to do nice things for other people without expecting something in return.

MM: Please give us details of exactly what you did?
We are collecting toys and books for children who are sick or in the hospital especially the rheumatology department.

MM: If it involves a donation what are you doing to spread the word?
We have created a Facebook Page “Jake and Jesse’s Bar Mitzvah Project.” Letters were sent home to all the Hebrew school students. Notices were put up at schools including the school our mom works in. We are also sending letters to all the guests asking them to bring a new toy or book to our service.

We thank Jake and Jesse Weiner for sharing their generous project with Mitzvah Market and we hope it inspires other children to do something similar! If you are interested in making a contribution, please visit their facebook page.

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