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Jono Sadeghi celebrated his Bar Mitzvah less than a month ago. As part of his Bar Mitzvah, Jono created a Mitzvah Project that he is working on through the end of the summer. We wanted to share information about Jono’s Project and help people learn about the Nalaga’at Center.

The Nalaga’at Center is located in Israel. It offers a unique culture and entertainment center that is the first of its kind in the entire world. The Center is comprised of a 330-seat theatre, where the Nalaga’at Deaf-Blind Theater Company presents its productions; a gourmet-style restaurant which operates in total darkness and is staffed by blind waiters; and a cafe which has deaf waiters serve its guests. The Nalaga’at Center opened to the general public in December 2007 and has since allowed more than 40,000 people experience its unique culture.

Jono learned about the Nalaga’at Center after his mom returned from Israel and a visit to the Nalaga’at Center. “My mom showed me a video she was given when she visited this place,” Jono tells us. “It seemed like an amazing thing that the Deaf-Blind were given a place and the tools to express themselves and make a living and a life through Nalaga’at. She told me that the actors are from all over the world and included people from Russia, Ethiopia, the Arab world and even a man who walked across Africa to Israel.”

After learning about the Nalaga’at Center, Jono came up with a Mitzvah Project to benefit the Center. “My Project is to provide more than 300 disadvantaged kids from the South of Israel with a theater workshop to develop their ability to express themselves along with seeing a performance of the Deaf-Blind and enjoying a meal at Café Kapisch, where Deaf waiters serve the food,” Jono explains.

“There are many underprivileged youth in Israel and many of them might not see a way out of their circumstances,” Jono continues. “Seeing Deaf-Blind actors perform demonstrates that everyone can try to overcome their obstacles and make a contribution.  It also shows that there’s a place for everyone, no matter how ‘different’ they are.”

Jono is working to collect contributions to help create this experience for underprivileged kids in Israel. The cost of the workshop, the performance and the meal is approximately $4,300. Jono is also looking for Mitzvah Kids throughout the country who might help him spread the word within their Hebrew Schools.

If you are interested in learning more, please email Jono’s mom, Amy at

Thank you, Jono! You are really making a difference!

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