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Pillow Idea

Jane Fried Sheinfeld from The Pieced Palette came up with this new sign-in floor pillow after realizing that most sign-in boards were ending up in the basement, garage or at the curb!

She can take your logo or invitation and print it on heavyweight cotton twill. The fabric is mounted taut so that it can stand on an easel at your party for your guests to sign with permanent marker.

Sign in pillow

The fabric is ready for signatures!

When the party is over, she will take back the fabric and create a comfy floor pillow for lounging.

Pillow

Pricing depends on the size chosen and whether or not you need it to be mounted and/or framed for presentation at the party (you might be able to get your florists or party planners to do it).

Here are a few more samples:

The Pieced Palette
Cole’s pillow is 24 x 24 and on the larger side for their invitation pillows. They retypeset the front to match the invitation; and used the red “Cole” image on the bottom right of the invitation as a cool repeat for the back

The Pieced Paletter
This pillow for Abigail reflected her sense of style. Traditional, yet not formal and feminine without being very girlie. They used ribbon to match the invitation and added a tailored but fun pompom trim. The back had fabric filled with ice cream cones, sundaes and ice pops to match her theme!

The PIeced Palette
This Bar Mitzvhah boy had a circle invitation so they added more concentric circles and then designed two complementary masculine fabric patterns. The front has a fine blue dot on grey, and the back is a blue and grey plaid

Without mounting or framing, and with standard backing fabrics, the range is $285 for 27″ square pillow to $350 for a 36″ square pillow. Mounting on foamcore is available.   Shipping and taxes are not included.

For more information, visit their Website.

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