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Mitzvah Cake: Sweets By Alissa

Some families like to match their child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah cake to their child’s theme, but with Sweets By Alissa your cake is personalized to your child!


The creative possibilities are endless. You might want to list your guests, members of your favorite team, or your favorite memories. Just send Alissa information about your child and those words and thoughts are written on your cake!

See some samples below for a better idea:

Sweets By Alissa

Sweets By Alissa

Sweets By Alissa

Alissa is a graduate of Peter Kumps’ renowned Institute of Culinary Education and has worked in the legendary pastry kitchens of Le Bernardin, Gotham Bar And Grill and Alison on Dominick.

For more information and to see her other work, visit her Website.



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