Candy Sushi


This Mitzvah Find is VERY clever and will have your guests doing a double take!

Have you seen Candy Sushi from Primetime Games & Events Inc.?

It is all hand-made with a variety of ingredients ranging from rice krispy treats to an assortment of candy including gummy worms and fruit roll-ups.

Candy Sushi

The Candy Sushi staff will produce 100 pieces (rolls and sashimi) on site prior to the start of the your event and will continue to create more as the event goes on.

Candy Sushi

Guests can “grab and go” with a pre-created piece or may create their own and have their roll packaged in a “to go” box.

Candy Sushi

They also customize rolls featuring the names of the guest of honor and their immediate family. For example, “The Rosen Roll” or “Jared’s Yummy Gummy Roll.”

Their display comes with Asian influenced table decor, chop sticks and faux sabi (candy wasabi).

For more information and pricing, contact Matt Toubin at Primetime Games & Events Inc. 845-535-3099.



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