Mitzvah Find: The Groovy Baker

We wanted to tell you about delicious baked goods that are custom made, allergy free and do right by the community.

Check out The Groovy Baker located in upstate New York. Chef Lisa, a pastry chef and graduate of the New York Art Institute’s Pastry and Baking Program, crafts custom handmade (and allergy-free) desserts every day for people with every kind of allergy and preference, from vegetarians to vegans to people with gluten allergies. She uses environmentally friendly cleaning products, utilizes recycled, recyclable, or biodegradable packaging and works with pure, whole ingredients.

She is very passionate about supporting her local community and uses organic and local products. She gives back by donating her time and profits to animal rights and marine conservation and does not believe that quantity should ever come before quality, or that cruelty or pollution need ever play a part in creating great food.

Now check out her colorful and amazing treats!



groovy baker1

Cotton candy with vanilla beans

groovy baker love and chocolate
Cupcakes with chocolate and roses which would make a great favor

mitzvah find groovy baker lollipos


Blackberry butter cream lollipops


groovybaker charity-starfish-cookie-photo

100% of the purchase price of these starfish cookies are donated to Ocean Conservation charities


groovy baker cupcake assortment

An assortment of cupcakes in fall flavors such as pumpkin spice, apple, cranberry, carrot-raspberry and, of course, chocolate, which is always in season


Check out her FAQ page where questions regarding shipping and health concerns are answered.

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