Mitzvah Find: Miracle Challah


We just read about Miracle Challah by Your Chef Naturally on the lifestyle blog Lulu & Lattes.

It’s a great option for your Bar Bat Mitzvah challah and a delicious addition to your holiday table.

Bring the taste and aroma of fresh homemade challah to your home.

They make it, you bake it!

 Miracle challah

Sold as a braided frozen dough, all you need to do is unwrap, let rise, and bake. The dough comes in regular, whole wheat, chocolate chip, onion and tomato basil.

 miracle challah

You can then customize it with whatever toppings your family enjoys like sesame seeds, salt, brown sugar and cinnamon, or or sunflower seeds

 miracle challah

Miracle Challah’s have been tested and can last up to several months in the freezer so you can always have a stock available.

To order or find out more information about Miracle Challah you can email them at


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