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Bar Bat Mitzvah Favor Idea: Fatty Sundays Gourmet Pretzel



Fatty Sundays colorful gourmet chocolate covered pretzels are completely custom and bursting with flavor.

The pretzels are made in Brooklyn, where they are dipped in chocolate and then coated with toppings such as toffee, sprinkles, roasted almonds, and toasted coconut, to name a few. The flavor combination of creamy chocolate, crunchy topping, and a classic pretzel delivers an unforgettable sweet and salty flavor. 

Sisters Ali and Lauren Borowick are from Long Island. Their business was inspired by their Mom’s famous chocolate covered pretzels with rainbow sprinkles. They’ve reinvented and modernized everyone’s all time favorite sweet and salty treat. The entire family is involved in the business and they named their business based on their family tradition of kicking back, relaxing and indulging on Sundays.

Fatty Sundays offers some gluten free options and all products are certified Kosher (OU-D.)



Design Your Own Pretzels



To contact Fatty Sundays, call 646-762-2555.







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