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Mitzvah Project: Soup Kitchen

Two months before celebrating her Bat Mitzvah, Samantha Abbe and her family took a trip to Israel. They traveled from Scarsdale, New York and completed her Mitzvah Project while on this family trip.

Legacy: The Bar and Bat Mitzvah Program of the Jewish Enrichment Center, which is where Samantha prepared for her Bat Mitzvah, coordinated all of the details for the Abbe family. There were three components of this trip: Mitzvahs, learning and leisure.

Pictured left: The Abbe family

We spoke with Samantha to get more details about her trip and Mitzvah Project which benefitted Legacy:

MM: Please describe your Mitzvah Project:
Legacy set up a trip for my family and I. We went to Israel as a culmination of my years of learning. First we went to a farm where they grew butternut squash and we gathered it from the fields. The next day we went to a soup kitchen and began to cook and serve food to hundreds of hungry poor families. I also gave out bags of canned food to the needy as well.

Samantha Abbe: Soup Kitchen

MM: Why did you decided to take on this particular project?
I learned the Mitzvah of Leket while preparing for my Bat Mitzvah. The torah commands every Jew to leave a portion of their farm to poor people so they can collect and eat food.

Samantha Abbe: Soup Kitchen

MM: Why did you want to do a Mitzvah Project?
I felt it was important, because it’s one thing to learn a Mitzvah but to actually do it is what it’s all about. It was such a great feeling when we handed out the food to poor people. One of the men even told me, ” You are a blessing.”

Abbe Samantha

Samantha Abbe

We thank Samantha and Legacy for sharing this project with our readers.

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