Mitzvah Project: Operation Sweatshirt

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We have written in the past about the on-going project of Alex Grey from Woodbury, New York called Operation Sweatshirt. This is Alex’s 4th year collecting and he has collected and donated over 800 sweatshirts to the homeless and underpriviledged.

We love this idea for so many reasons. It’s easy to duplicate anywhere in the country and is a simple solution to a big issue in this country.

Here’s what Alex had to say in his own words:

MM: Please explain how you came up with this terrific Mitzvah Project idea.
Children on Long Island go to many Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations throughout the year. Often, they are given a sweatshirt as a giveaway. Throughout the year, they collect so many sweatshirts; they do not know what to do with them. My Mitzvah project, which I started four years ago, is to collect and then donate sweatshirts to the homeless people of New York City. When I am in New York City in the winter, I see homeless people on the sidewalk and they look like they are freezing. I hope that these sweatshirts will help keep them warm.

Alex Grey Mitzvah Project

Alex, from a few years ago, with some of the many sweatshirts he has collected

MM: How many have you collected so far?
Over the past four years, with help from family and friends, I have collected and donated over 800 sweatshirts to the homeless and underpriviledged. I hope the homeless people will benefit from these sweatshirts throughout the years.

Alex Grey Mitzvah Project

Alex in front of Trinity Church. One of the places he donates to

MM: What’s next?
Next fall I plan to collect sweatshirts again and hope that I will be able to make another donation. Please keep this in mind when you are ready to discard or give away your own collection of sweatshirts and contact me at or 516-364-0527.

We want to thank Alex for sharing this great idea with our Mitzvah Market readers.


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