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Mitzvah Inspire: Rock On!

This week’s 53rd Annual Grammy Awards provided great entertainment and music moments inspiring us to want to share with you this Rockin’ Mitzvah in Chicago.

Bar Mitzvah boy Sam, a lover of rock, had his Bar Mitzvah celebration in January. The reception followed that evening at the Hotel Sax with lots of guests, food, dancing and all around good times.

Take a look at how his Mom (not a party planner) incorporated his love of Pink Floyd and the Wailing Wall together for one night…you are going to “Wish You Were Here!” The message is that you don’ t have to spend a lot to make a decor statement!

The pictures were all taken by Jake Poehls of JPP Studios.

stamp inspire


The inspiration for these unique seating “records” below came from a friend who just got married and did their seating chart on antique frames using a Sharpie paint pen. Sam and his Mom went to Reckless Records in Chicago and bought an album for each table.


Mitzvah Inspire: Sam's Chicago

For the table with older aunts they chose a record with Neil Diamond’s “The Jazz Singer,” for the table of little kids (cousins) they selected a record from “The Monkeys

Mitzvah Inspire: Rock On

Mitzvah Inspire: Sam's Chicago

Vinyl 45’s and candlelight set the mood

Mitzvah Inspire: Sam's Chicago

Chocolate guitar favors at each place setting

Mitzvah Inspire: Sam's Chicago

Since Sam is a HUGE Pink Floyd fan and his favorite album is “The Wall,” a designer friend of the family did the above digital design. It was a nice play on words since “The Wall” (Wailing Wall in Jerusalem) has special significance to Jewish people as well

Mitzvah Inspire: Sam's Chicago

Albums were used as centerpieces

Mitzvah Inspire: Sam's Chicago

The view from above

We thank JPP Photography for sharing this unique Bar Mitzvah with Mitzvah Market.


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