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Mitzvah Inspire: Facebook Theme


Jamee Bryant from Setting the Mood is located in Indianapolis, Indiana and specializes in artsy centerpieces, placecards, party favors, signs and props.


She makes almost everything herself and loves to customize events. We just loved what she did for this Bat Mitzvah girl who loves Facebook!

stamp inspire


We loved what Jamee did with this event! Check all the photos out below:



Mitzvah inspire Facebook

This customized archway greeted guests and made you feel like you were walking right into her fanpage!

Mitzvah inspire Facebook

This sign hung in the kids lounge area. We love how Jamee used CDs to decorate!

Mitzvah inspire Facebook place cards

Check out these place cards! They were made to look like iPhones complete with a text message to each guest telling them which table they were sitting at

Mitzvah inspire facebook

The room is set for guests and has the Bat Mitzvah girls favorite lingo hanging from the ceiling

Mitzvah inspire Facebook

Instead of table numbers they used the Bat Mitzvah girls favorite apps as table assignments

Mitzvah inspire Facebook

Centerpieces included giant iPhones, computers, Blackberry phones and iPods

Stamp - Mitzvah Idea


Jamee from Setting The Mood also had another great idea on her blog related to this theme idea. See below the chocolate app phone from Etsy. Too cool….!


Mitzvah inspire Facebook

Mitzvah inspire Facebook

Mitzvah inspire Facebook

Chocolate app here.

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