Mitzvah Inspire: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

This Mitzvah Inspire is courtesy of Christine Foster Photography.

The Zeiberg family is from Marlton, New Jersey and celebrated their daughter Julie’s Bat Mitzvah this past December, 2010 at Temple Emanuel in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.



Bat Mitzvah girl Julie was looking for a laid back feel for her Bat Mitzvah celebration and was thinking about an island atmosphere but also wanted to include the feeling of celebrating life. She decided on a DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY theme which had her literally jumping with joy!

Check out the photos below:

Christine Foster Photography/Don't Worry Be Happy

Photographer Christine Foster met Julie and her Mom one day at a gym in Cherry Hill, and Julie did her jumps for the camera…

Christine Foster photography/Don't Worry Be Happy

Photos from the gym shoot were transformed into silhouettes which became the design for Julie’s celebration with silhouette cut outs for table settings and a design for her place cards

Christine Foster photography/Don't Worry Be Happy

Seating Cards!

Christine Foster photography/Don't Worry Be Happy

Her party was vibrant with many bright colors

Christine Foster photography/Don't Worry Be Happy

The room is ready for guests to arrive

Christine Foster photography/Don't Worry Be Happy

The band, Milan, provided non-stop dance music topped with some island music which led to lots of dancing the night away

We would like to thank Christine Foster Photography for sharing this upbeat themed Bat Mitzvah with Mitzvah Market.

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