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Mitzvah Mom Find: Sign-In Door

Who better to find the latest and greatest for all-things Bar Bat Mitzvahs than our own Mitzvah Moms?

Back in 2008, shortly after launching Mitzvah Market, our very first Mitzvah Family Spotlight story was about Jake Barzilay’s Miami Heat themed Bar Mitzvah.

When we saw this family’s sign-in idea, we knew it would become one of the most popular Mitzvah ideas we shared and we were right!

Jake’s sign-in board was ingenious and didn’t cost very much at all! They cleverly used Jake’s bedroom closet door. By taking it off the hinges, painting it red, drawing lines across the top and adding an eye hook and lock, it resembled a locker room door. Jake’s friends signed the door using a black Sharpie and at the end of the night, the door was brought home and rehung. You can have the kids sign the inside or outside of the door.

This idea has been copied countless times across the country and we are so proud to share it again as one of our favorite Mom Finds.


Barzilay sign-up doors

Jake with his “closet-door” sign-in board on the left and the closet door back in place on the right!

Jake recently completed his Sophomore year at college, but his door (with signatures) is still in his room.

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