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Mitzvah Project Idea/Discovery Toys

Discovery Toys independent consultant Barry Elias reached out to us with a Mitzvah Project Idea that we thought was worth passing along! We conducted a simple Q & A with Barry to get the scoop:

MM: Why should someone consider collecting toys as part of his/her Mitzvah Project?
Some children simply don’t have access to educational toys during the first 5 years of their lives. This critical period, before they start school, is where the foundation is set for developing a lifelong love of curiosity and learning. Developmentally appropriate toys enable children to think critically, strategically, and creatively.

MM: How can Mitzvah Kids help in getting educational toys in the hands of underprivelged children?
Kids can build their Mitzvah Projects around putting award-winning Discovery Toys into the hands of underserved children, at home or abroad. Kids can help outfit a playroom, supply a birthday closet, donate to a local hospital, or they can create their own ideas.

MM: How does Discovery Toys help with these types of Projects?
We will match the Mitzvah gift with a 10% contribution of our own.

MM: Have you personally been a part of such a Mitzvah Project?
When my son Blake had his Bar Mitzvah, instead of adorning the bimah in the synagogue with flowers, he provided an enormous toy chest filled with educational toys. In the days after the celebration, he hand-delivered those toys to two local institutions: a Reach Out and Read Program at a local hospital and a Harlem preschool program. Following the presentation of both gifts, he spent time reading to and playing with the children. As you can imagine, this was a rewarding experience for my son and the children.

Interested in learning more? Visit the Discovery Toys Website.

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