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Creative Bar Bat Mitzvah Menu Cards



Some Bar Bat Mitzvah celebrations include creative menu cards at each guests’ seat. 

Menu cards can incorporate the theme or child’s logo or initials and make everyone feel like your celebration has a special touch of creativity. Below are some great menu card ideas.

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Mitzvah menu card
Balloon Artistry used the Bar Mitzvah guest of honor’s initials and party colors

Mitzvah menu card idea

 Simon Elliot Events created a clever menu of texts letting everyone know what they would be eating

Mitzvah menu card idea

For this baseball themed Bar Mitzvah, The Event Of A Lifetime, Inc. put the menu inside an actual program from an All Star game

Bat Mitzvah Menu Card

Beth Fink Events designed a lounge style menu card with the table number on the front and the menu on the inside

Bar Mitzvah Menu Card

Pat Glenn Productions designed an elegant menu tucked into the napkin for Jack’s celebration

Joshua Feldman details

Cutie Patootie added a napkin ring of bling next to this Bar Mitzvah menu card for Joshua


Bar Mitzvah menu

A chocolate menu from Enjou Chocolat is a delicious option

Silverstein menu

 The menu for this boardwalk themed Bat Mitzvah was designed by the Bat Mitzvah girl’s aunt. On one side was the menu and the other was a picture of Brooke from her photo shoot

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