Custom Sneakers: Truly A Mitzvah!

This story begins with our friends in South Florida who are part of Dr. and Mrs. Mitzvah’s Facebook page!

We saw that the Ginsburg family recently celebrated their daughter Lexi’s Bat Mitzvah and started posting photos. One of the photos featured hand painted converse sneakers!

Bat Mitzvah girl Lexi wore them to her party with her party dress instead of heels. They were very comfortable and matched her decor perfectly.

We had to know more…


Alyssa Reise: Sneakers
Handpainted Converse sneakers

Lexi: Sneakers
Lexi’s sneakers were a perfect match to her theme and colors by Perfect Party of Boca

Enter Alyssa Reise, the artist responsible for these custom sneakers. Mitzvah Market contacted her and she quickly sent additional photos to us; each one uniquely created for the guest of honor. She works on any white canvas sneakers such as Converse or Vans.

Alyssa Reise: Sneakers

 Alyssa Reise: Sneakers


Alyssa Reise: Sneakers


Alyssa Reise: Sneakers

When we asked her for more information, she explained that she does this free-of-charge! That’s right, FREE! People send her any white canvas sneakers with a list of what they want and/or pictures. She draws on the sneakers and sends them back. She will ship anywhere. She needs at least one month, because as you can imagine, at her price, there is a wait!

You can email her at She has created hundreds, starting with her own kids, years ago.

Her only request is to send sneakers that you know will fit! She says, “Drawing on a pair that isn’t guaranteed to fit is a waste of time!”

We are sure her wait list just got much longer!



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