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Trend Alert: Table Lamps

Let there be light!


Lamp shades are becoming a popular trend as centerpieces at many Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. Along with other design elements, table lamps are a fun, unique way to add character and whimsy to your decor.

The centerpiece to the left was created by Stefan’s for the Brett family who were recently spotlighted.

Incorporate your theme, add some flowers and candles or customize lamp shades that match your Mitzvah colors to illuminate the center of the table.

There are an endless variety of shades to choose from – even some that can be hung from the ceiling to create a warm glow to lounges and seating areas. 







Keep things interesting by using a different shade for each table….glow for it!


ping pong lamp centerpiece

Ping-Pong centerpiece included a glass lamp filled with balls from Boston’s Cornithian Events

Trend Alert: lamp centerpiece 1

To the 9’s Floral and Event Design from the D.C area used different color roses make a simple but elegant statement

Trend Alert: lamp shade centerpiece
Illuminaria created an Ocscar theme lamp shade centerpiece for a Bar Mitzvah featuring the guest of honor’s picture. Smaller wine glass shades were also used on the tables

Trend Alert
This cool look is from Linda Smith Weddings

Trend alert: lamp centerpieces
Pretty vase with orchids and crystals from

Trend Lamps Ed LIbby
From NYC floral events designer Ed Libby

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