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Bar Bat Mitzvah Gobo Designs


Incorporating Gobos at your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration is a fun and creative way to add a decor element that guests love.

While many Gobos are placed on the dance floor, a little creativity can go a long way.

A personalized Gobo can be placed inside or outside your venue, on the walls or ceiling, in colors, patterns or shapes that reflect your child’s theme.

Here are a few of our favorites that we have featured on Mitzvah Market:







Gobo story hi-tech

Hi-Tech Photography Events announced the Bat Mitzvah girl’s name at the venue entrance

Gobo Jimme Dee

Jimmy Dee Entertainment created a Gobo in block letters for the dance floor

Ockman gobo
This “Best of Blake” wall Gobo was a great design element for this Hollywood themed Bar Mitzvah

just kidding lounge

The Event Of A Lifetime planned a Bar Mitzvah for a boy with the initials J.K. and a tagline, Just Kidding, which was projected onto the wall


Stephen Andrews baseball gobo
Stephen Andrews Studio designed a baseball Gobo to complement a baseball themed Bar Mitzvah

Alexa Silver gobo
We love the font for this dance floor Gobo for the upcoming Alexa Silver Family spotlight

 Steinberg bat gobo decor
For the Halloween themed Steinberg Bat Mitzvah celebration, special revolving bat Gobos were projected on the walls

 Gobo Beth Fink Events

Beth Fink Events was the party planner for this celebration. Guests knew who the guest of honor was as soon as they drove up to the venue

 Michelle Moss Events Paris theme decor

The Parisian themed Bat Mitzvah had an over-sized Gobo on the wall with Bat Mitzvah girl, Esme’s name

Did you have a Gobo at your Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration? Let us know at info@mitzvahmarket.com.

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