Meet Justin Chauncey: Bar Bat Mitzvah Photographer

Meet Justin Chauncey: Bar Bat Mitzvah Photographer

Justin Chauncey Photography offers a full array of photography services including Bar Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings, Corporate Events, Portraits, Head Shots, Products, and Real Estate. They’re passionate about what they do and thrive to make your experience easy and enjoyable. Courtesy and professionalism are their top priority.

Mitzvah Market had the opportunity to learn more about their business from owner, Justin Chauncey:

Bar Bat Mitzvah Photographer

MM: How did you get started in photography?
JC: When I was 8 years old, my father purchased a Canon SLR camera. His interest in the camera was short lived and he decided to let it collect dust. One day while rummaging through a closet looking for a lost transformer toy, I came across a camera bag. While watching my father attempt to master this device, I learned enough to know that you looked through the viewfinder, pointed it at an object, turned the focus wheel, pushed a button, and what followed was a satisfying “click.”

I held the camera to my eye and a bright and blurry image appeared. My dad showed me how to focus and as I rotated the focus ring on the lens, the blurry image I was seeing became clear. This was the magical moment I fell in love with the camera. Unbeknownst to me, that day, I became a photographer.

The first batch of pictures that my parents developed were either mostly white or almost completely dark. They didn’t look anything like the image I saw while looking through the camera. I was determined to figure this out! If only Google existed then.

Through trial and error, not to mention a plethora of poorly exposed images, I taught myself what the aperture did, how the shutter speed froze motion, how different film speeds changed the brightness of the image, and so on. In 1995 I started playing with Photoshop and began to go crazy with the ability to alter an image.

I’ve been a photographer most of my life, I just didn’t know it. Today I have a beautiful studio, with many fantastic clients whom I have had the honor of photographing. I don’t categorize myself into a particular field of photography. I see beauty everywhere and love nothing more than to freeze moments in time that will preserve memories into the future.

bar bar mitzvah photographer

MM: What can people expect when they work with you?
JC: My goal is for each individual I work with to feel at ease, have fun, and walk away feeling like they have spent time with a friend. Everyone is unique, which requires an individualized approach to each session. We will work together to create images that you love. I view every client as a partner, and we collaborate together to achieve something special.

After the session, I work hard to develop the images and get them to you as fast as possible without sacrificing the quality of the final product. Many hours go into the development after the picture has been taken. One of my favorite quotes by Ansel Adams is; “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” In the end I want you to be completely satisfied. Nothing makes me happier than see the joy on people’s faces when they see the images for the first time.

MM: What is your favorite type of shot to capture?
JC: Tough question! If I had to choose, it would be when the subject/s are unaware the moment is being captured (tastefully of course). It’s a truthful slice of life, unposed and raw. Second to that, it would have to be smoke. I absolutely love the way smoke looks when properly lit. Which is why so many of my portrait sessions end with a wall of smoke behind my subject. 

MM: What piece of advice do you give most often to families that you are working with?
JC: Enjoy the moments. It will be over in a flash (pun intended). As great as high quality images are, there is nothing more precious than being truly present in the moment. Be it a Mitzvah, Wedding, or any event, this is a special day that will be gone in the blink of an eye. My job is to make your cherished memories visually tangible, for generations to come.

To learn more about Justin Chauncey Photography, visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory. 

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