The Ryder and Ohel “Chill Out” B’nai Mitzvah Family Spotlight

The Ryder and Ohel “Chill Out” B’nai Mitzvah Family Spotlight


 The Ryder and Ohel families celebrated their daughters’ B’nai Mitzvah together. Chloe Ryder and Becca Ohel’s celebration took place on January 10, 2015, at the Marriott Lincolnshire Resort, Illinois.

The two families celebrated both the service and party together with a “Chill Out” theme. Mom Jill Ryder works for M&M, The Special Events Company, specializing in designing Mitzvah décor for clients.

Mom Jill and Mom Shoshana collaborated from start to finish with many unique touches. Every detail was thought out!

Pictured L-R: Good friends Chloe Ryder and Becca Ohel.

The photographer was Lee Ross Photography and the rest of the vendors are listed at the end of the spotlight.









The theme was clear once guests received their hand delivered invitation, hot chocolate and mug!

 Ryder ohel invite and mug
The mug read, “Warm Up Before the Big Chill.” Inside of the mug was hot chocolate and a spoon with
Chloe and Becca’s picture

 Ryder mug invitation

Mugs and invitations ready to be delivered




The service and party were both held at the Marriott Lincolnshire Resort. The girls were privately tutored together and the service was very warm and special.



Ryder service

 Chloe Ryder

Ohel service
Becca Ohel

Ryder service program 
The girls’ service program




 Both families were very chic and stylish with Chloe and Becca deciding to wear white cocktail dresses from Peaches Boutique. The Ryder family wore blue and the Ohel family wore purple to keep with the color theme.


Ryder family style

 The Ryder family (L-R): Sister Melanie, Dad Adam, Bat Mitzvah girl Chloe, Mom Jill and Sister Jordan

Ohel family style

The Ohel family (Clockwise from top): Dad Ziv, Brother Jordan, Mom Shoshana, Sister Gabby,
Bat Mitzvah girl Becca and Sister Hannah





These families got very creative for their place cards. They used Ice Breaker mints with custom labels.



Ryder Ohel seating

The place card table was at the entrance to the ballroom. Once guests picked up their place card they entered a draped tunnel complete with light-up icicles and hanging crystal chandeliers 

 Ryder -Ohel place cards

 Each Ice Breaker had a custom label with the guests’ name and table assignment. Creative table names included: “Frozen,” “Glacier,” and “Chillin”





 Both girls had a sign-in book.


ryder-ohel sign in





The party took place in a white tent at the Marriott Lincolnshire Resort that lent itself to the theme.
M&M Special Event Rentals provided the décor including the gorgeous linens, Chiavari chairs, lounge furniture, light-up bar, stunning centerpieces and more.



Ryder-Ohel decor

 Kids chilled in the “Crystal Ice Lounge”

Ryder-Ohel details
There were several sections of white lounge furniture with custom pillows and white furry ottomans for guests
to enjoy

Ryder lounge decor
The girls in bathrobes “Chillin’ Out” before the party

Ryder ice scupture 

Moms Shoshana and Jill in front of the stunning ice sculpture which set the tone of the party. The enormous ice sculpture was a luge for signature drinks and a display for appetizers and desserts


Ryder-Ohel ice bar decor
The Crystal Ice Lounge bar


The signature drink included cotton candy which looked like melting snowballs

 Ryder-Ohel cool dance floor

The dance floor had a Gobo, “Chill Out with Becca & Chloe.” Tall spandex icicles flanked the dance floor and changed color throughout the night


Ryder table

 The adult tables were a mix of round and over-sized king tables to create interesting seating. The round tables had purple ribbon linen with white Chiavari chairs and royal blue cushions. There were crystal candelabra centerpieces for a sophisticated elegance


The over-sized king tables had elegant textured white ribbon linens with white leather chairs. The chargers created a look of blue water in the center

Ryder table decor
There were alternating centerpieces, pictured here: a sophisticated floral design in a mirrored vase and votive candles

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 2.51.49 PM

The elevated Lucite centerpiece, with gorgeous floral decor, had hanging crystals, glass snowballs and

Ryder-ohel table setting

Each napkin had custom snowflake napkin rings embellished with crystals. There were also glow-in-the-dark ice cubes in blue and purple in all of the water glasses


The kids’ centerpieces had lifted puffs of baby’s breath with twinkling white fairy ball lights and vases lit with crystal collars




Many creative details were part of this themed celebration.


  RyderHotel guests received a collection of creams and gels from Bath and Body Works

ryder-ohel details
The custom cocktail napkins were printed in blue and white

The glass “ice” block logo was used as another accent element on the tables




For the girls grand entrance, Xpress Video produced a great music video parody to, “Ice Ice Baby.”  Also, the girls recorded a song with their own words to the tune of “Count on Me” that played during the montage section of the girls together.


Ice Baby: Chloe and Becca

Watch here


ryder-ohel entrance

 After the video, the girls made their entrance out of smoke




Becca’s Dad Ziv surprised everyone (including his own family) with a choreographed dance. 


ryder ohel dance

Drew from Sole 2 Soul, the teacher that choreographed the dance, on the left and Dad Ziv Ohel on the right

 ryder ohel moment

Daughter Becca is the one with the shocked look!




 MC Johnny and Revelation Productions provided the music entertainment and rocked the house! They also provided special lighting that changed with the music.



Ryder ohel horah
Becca up in the chair for the Horah

 ryder-ohel horah

 Chloe up in the chair for the Horah

There was lots of great music for dancing and giveaways that guests enjoyed

Ryder giveaways

The dance floor prizes were a big hit especially the color-changing straws and furry light-up snowballs 




Guests enjoyed the photo booth especially the wonderful people Mom Jill works with at M&M The Special Events Company!


Everyone enjoyed the evening!




 The theme continued right up until the end of this celebration. Some of the great dessert options included: Frrrozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity 3 and Baked By Melissa, both flown in express from New York City. There was also  Chicago-based Wonka Desserts, a vendor that make frozen ice cream on the spot. In addition waiters handed out candy; snow caps and bags of white cotton candy that read, “Snow to go” on the package.

  Ryder -ohel dessert
Some Frrrozen Hot Chocolate for the ride home

Ryder baked by melissa
Baked by Melissa Cupcakes 

  Ryder-Ohel dessert

 Liquid nitrogen, that turned into delicious ice cream, really wowed guests


 Cleverly worded labels on the water bottles: “Thanks snow much. It’s been Nice. Please enjoy this melted ice.”





  Promotional Product Partners created the drawstring bags and sweatshirts.


ryder-ohel favor bag
All of the giveaways matched matched the theme and color scheme

 Ryder Ohel favor
The back of the sweatshirt favor




What a great memory for two special friends and their families.







Chloe and Becca collected holiday games and toys for Toys for Tots.




 Chloe and Becca carrying their wrapped gifts to give to needy children




 Some advice from Moms Jill and Shoshana:
“We are great friends and after some wine came up with the idea to have our girls’ Bat Mitzvah together. Two great minds that didn’t stop brainstorming (and yes lots of wine!). While the girls were bonding with the Rabbi, the moms had so much fun planning this amazing event. Mom Jill works for M&M The Special Events Company and specializes in designing Mitzvah décor for clients. So when it came to our party, we knew we had to pull out all the stops. Along with my expertise and Shoshana’s very clever ideas; together we were a great team, and it made the process lots of fun!”





The following vendors helped to make Leah’s celebration extremely special. If you give any of them a call, please let them know you read about their services on – See more at:

The following vendors helped to make Chloe and Becca’s celebration extremely special. If you give any of them a call, please let them know you read about their services on

Venue: Marriott Lincolnshire Resort, 847-634-0100
Party Planner: Jamie Joffe, 708-799-9383
Music Entertainment: MC Johnny B, Revelation Productions, 847-564-9944
Photographer/Videographer: Lee, Lee Ross Photography, 847-786-4400
Décor/Florist: Mom Jill, M&M Special Events Company, 630-514-1530
Invitation/Mug/Hot Chocolate:
Ice sculpture: J
eannie, Art Below Zero, 414-779-7000
Entrance Video:
Xpress Video Production, 224-723-5111 
Sweatshirt/Drawstring Bags
: Michael, Promotional Products Partners, 847-970-9797
: Books made by Moms
Party entertainment
: Hal or Wayne, PhotoBooth Time, 847-220-4878
Below Zero Frozen Dessert: Wonka Desserts, 224-802-2222
Cupcakes: Baked by Melissa, 212-842-0220
Mitzvah Exit treat: Aunt Annie’s Pretzels
Frrrozen Hot Chocolate: Serendipity 3, 212-838-3531
Bat Mitzvah girl dresses: Peaches Boutique, 773-582-0102
Hair/makeup: Melissa, ZaZa, 847-793-1111


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