The Lipson Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight

The Lipson Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight

The Lipson Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight

The Lipson family from New City, New York celebrated their son Zachary’s Bar Mitzvah service and reception on November 18, 2012 at The Colonial Inn in Norwood, New Jersey.

A good time was had by all but most importantly Bar Mitzvah boy Zach had the time of his life so, “Get ready to RUMBLE!”

Action Entertainment handled the photography duties and the rest of the vendors are listed at the bottom of this spotlight.

Pictured L-R: Dad Jonathan, Bar Mitzvah boy Zachary and Mom Melissa.






 The service and reception were held at the Colonial Inn. With family and friends present, Zachary performed a beautiful service led by Hebrew school teacher Sarah Berk.



 Zach beaming during his service

Lipson grandparents
Zach’s grandparents Ruth Lipson, Gilda Blair and Robert Blair join in the service

Lipson service
 Family and friends gathered from as far away as California and Philadelphia to be part of Zach’s celebration



Zach’s invitation was created by Kodi Tidd an art teacher that works with Mom Melissa at Highview Elementary School in Nanuet, New York.


 Lipson invitation

Everyone can guess Zach’s theme from his invitation!

Lipson rsvpcardfinal
The R.S.V.P card had very clever wording




As the R.S.V.P cards came in, the Lipsons hung them on a door. Before they knew it, the door was filled up!


 Lipson RSVP 



 Zach loves watching WWE professional wrestling and wanted that to be the theme for his Bar Mitzvah. 



Lipson place cards
The place cards were pictures of Zach’s favorite wrestlers




Balloon Artistry knocked it out of the ring creating decor that incorporated some really great wrestling elements.



Lipson wrestling cutouts

Real-life cutouts of WWE stars greeted guests during the cocktail hour

Lipson decor
When the doors opened for Zach’s celebration, guests immediately noticed his theme with signage including this “WWE Zach Down” (for WWE SmackDown)


Lipson decor

There were hundreds of blue, black and silver balloons floating over the dance floor

Lipson decor
Each table centerpiece displayed a wrestling ring with Zach versus a different wrestler





Balloon Artistry created Zach’s sign-in board.



Lipson sign in
The sign-in board featured pictures of Zach at various ages around the border




 When it was time for Zach to make his grand entrance he came out in his robe, all ready for a “match.”  He entered the ring to ESPN’s Jock Jams “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble.”




 Zach taking a moment before entering ring…we mean room

Lipson entrance
Zach making his entrance

Lipson parents entrance
Mom Melissa and Dad Jonathan strutted out to a James Bond techno remix



MC John Rivera of Action Entertainment kept this group having lots of fun on the dance floor.



Lipson dj
Zachary is up in the chair

Lipson dj
Zach and his friends





Action Entertainment provided fun with Xbox games on a huge television screen and a photo booth for kids and adults to enjoy.



Lipson fun

 Lots of fun favors were given out for photo ops

Lipson fun
Some of Zach’s friends playing Xbox on the 100 inch television screen

Lipson dancing fun

Zach in a shirt that Mom Melissa made especially for him surrounded by his friends


Lipson fun
Guests had lots of fun in the photo booth


Lipson photo book

Mom Melissa bought this custom strip photo book found on at The Handmade Boutique


Lipson photo  book inside

Inside the photo book is a place for each photo strip





 The candle lighting was emotional as Zach wrote his own words for everyone he called up to help light a candle.  He also included a candle for everyone in the room.



Lipson candle lighting

Zach ready to start his candle lighting

Lipson cake

Zach’s cake was delicious and baked by the Norwood Inn


Zach Lipson candle lighting

Zach’s the man!




Zach and Mom Melissa started off dancing to “Looks Like We Made It” by Barry Manilow and then……. 45 seconds into the song….broke into “Gangnam Style.”


Lipson mom and Zach


Lipson Gangham style

The guests loved it!

  Lipson grandpa
A special moment for Zach was when his “Pops” cut the challah




Gotham T-shirts created the sweatshirt favors with Zach’s logo that were in drawstring bags hanging over their chairs.



Lipson logo
The ZL logo was just like the WWE logo and on the hood of the sweatshirt


Lipson favor

The big swirl of water represented Zach’s Mitzvah Project and his Bar Mitzvah date was on the the back of the shirt

Lipson favor

Zach’s friends wearing their sweatshirts



Zach was diagnosed with Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia (HSP). HSP is a rare neuromuscular joint disorder that primarily affects the lower legs. Zach held a very successful fundraising event “Laps for Legs,” to raise money for the HSP Foundation. We profiled Zach in our Mitzvah Project section, click here to read more about “Laps for Legs.”



Zachary Lipson
Zach at his swim-a-thon

Zachary Lipson
Making it into the local papers!




Some advice from Mom Melissa:
“Plan early, very early and get great ideas from the Mitzvah Market and its vendors. We used several for Zach’s Bar Mitzvah and all were great! A good time was had by all but most importantly Zach had the time of his life. A day he will never forget!!!”





 The following vendors helped to make Zachary’s celebration special. If you give any of them a call, please let them know you read about their services on


Venue: The Colonial Inn, 201-767-1505
Party Planner/Decor: Balloon Artistry, 845-352-2828
Music Entertainment/MC: Action Entertainment, 800-605-4383
Favor person: Gotham T-Shirts, 516-676-0900
Party entertainment: X BOX on100 inch screen and photo booth, Action Entertainment
Photographer/Zap Photography: Action Entertainment
Photostrip Photobook
: Lisa, The Handmade Boutique
Invitation: Kodi Tidd
Cake: The Colonial Inn
Centerpieces/Place Card Setting/Candle lighting Display/Balloons: Balloon Artistry
Hebrew school teacher/Service: Sarah Berk, [email protected]
Dress for Mom: Letitia’s Bridal & Couture, 845-425-3330
Suits for family member: JoS. A. Bank
Hair/makeup: Joseph Taylor Salon, 845-639-0900
Party security: Security from Colonial Inn



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