The Lily Klein Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight

The Lily Klein Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight

The Klein family of Chappaqua, New York, celebrated daughter Lily’s Bat Mitzvah at Camp Starlight in Starlight, Pennsylvania, on May 31-Jun 1, 2014.

Lily loves camp; particularly Camp Starlight where’s she’s gone for five years. So when it came time for her Bat Mitzvah, it was a natural choice for her to celebrate there. Camp Starlight was transformed into Camp StarLily for the weekend!

Pictured L-R Dad Andrew, Sister Madison, Bat Mitzvah girl Lily, brother Zachary and Mom Marlo.


Photography by Chad Kraus Photography and the rest of the vendor information is listed at the bottom of the spotlight.




Mom Marlo built a Website that had all of the information for the Bat Mitzvah weekend. She and Lily decided that a fun and “campy” way to invite Lily’s friends was with a water bottle with the Website’s URL imprinted and delivered in a customized box. 


Klein Starlily: Website had all of the details for Camp StarLily Bat Mitzvah weekend


Klein Starlily: Invitations
With the help of, Mom Marlo created the water bottle and box and hand delivered all the boxes to the guests


Klein Starlily: Invitation

 Together, Marlo and Lily stuffed each water bottle with shredded blue metallic paper to make the bottle shine





Camp StarLily weekend started with lunch for 90 of Lily’s friends upon arrival at Camp Starlight.



Klein Starlily: Venue

Camp Starlight is a 385-acre campus surround by the “endless mountains” of Pennsylvania 

Klein Starlily: ArrivalLily greeted the buses filled with her friends with open arms

Klein Starlily: Arrival
Her guests were so excited to arrive!





After finishing lunch, Color War broke out. Big sister Madison rode in on a decorated golf cart and papers were thrown naming the blue and white teams. Back at the bunks, every guest found a bag with their name on it, a color t-shirt for their team, water bottle and bandana to get ready for Color War! 


Klein Starlily: Color War

Counselors threw Color War sheets off the roof of the dining hall…

Klein Starlily: Color War

…and big sister Madison rode in on a golf cart

Klein Starlily: Color War
The “Color War Spirit” announcing teams

Klein Starlily: Bunk
Custom bags for each guest included blue or white t-shirts for their team, a water bottle and bandana

Klein Starlily: Color War Lily was partial to Team Blue!

Klein Starlily: Color War

Kids enjoyed the friendly competition 

Klein Starlily: Color War

 Tug-of-war was a big hit

Klein Starlily: Color War

The White team celebrated their victory!

Klein Starlily: Color War

Blue or White, they were all there to celebrate Lily 

Klein Starlily: Color War

 Team bonding





A custom Camp StarLily flag was raised before the weekend festivities began. 



 Klein Starlily: flag







Lily’s sign-in pillow, created by The Pieced Palette, was waiting on her bed. As a surprise for her arrival, her bunk was decorated with lights and a special photo blanket of her and all her camp friends.

Klein Starlily: Bunk

Mom Marlo designed a photo collage blanket for Lily that she took to camp that summer


Klein Starlily: Sign In

 Lily brought her sign-in pillow to breakfast the next morning for friends to sign




Lily’s entrance to her party was awesome! Thanks to Camp Starlight, she entered in a golf cart that was “pimped out” in blue and white. Her friends lined up to greet her as she came around the corner.


Klein Starlily: Entrance

 Lily’s smile said it all





Lily sparkled in her party dress from A Step Ahead Fashions. Lily’s hair and make up was done by Mom Marlo.



Lily Klein style

 Lily was all smiles as she posed in her party dress 

 Klein Starlily: Mitzvah Style

 Lily danced in her blinged-out Converse






Jeffrey Craig Entertainment rocked the camp! They kept the party going non stop.



 Klein Starlily: DJ

 The kids enjoyed the party SWAG…

Klein Starlily: DJ

…and, Lily enjoyed the horah 


“Selfie” fun with a few friends!

Klein Starlily: Moment

Lily’s friends presented her with a special gift  

Klein Starlily: Moment

Lily and her besties 



Instead of a traditional Bat Mitzvah cake, Lily opted for Baked By Melissa cupcakes spelling out “Lily” on platters. The cupcakes were shipped frozen to Camp Starlight, what a great idea!



Klein Starlily: Baked By Melissa

 Lily with her display of cupcakes





After the dance party, Lily’s friends went back to their bunks to change out of their party clothes. They were surprised to find a sweatshirt on their beds; blue for boys and white for girls. The evening ended with pizza and s’mores around the campfire and a fireworks display over the lake.



Klein Starlily: Bonfire

Lily’s friends wore their sweatshirts to the bonfire 

Klein Starlily: Fireworks The fireworks over the lake was a beautiful end to a wonderful day


Lily Klein favor

The kids wore their StarLily sweatshirts to breakfast the next morning, white for girls…

Lily Klein favor

 …and, blue for the boys



Camp Starlight has a charity they started called Stack The Caps. They collect new hats for children with cancer. Lily collected over 1500 hats that were donated to Maria Ferari’s Children’s Hospital in Westchester, and Sunrise Day Camp.



 Lily Klein mitzvah project

 Lily surround by the hats she collected



Some advice from Mom Marlo:
“I did everything myself. The key is start planning early and do a little each week. Make lots of lists and stay organized. You don’t need a party planner. Learn to ask the vendors lots of questions and take their advice; they have done it before.”





The following vendors helped to make Lily’s Bat Mitzvah special. If you call any of them, please let them know you read about them on



Venue: Camp Starlight, 877-875-3971
Photographer: Chad Kraus Photography, 917-532-3478
Party Planner/Decor: Mom Marlo
Music Entertainment: Jeffrey Craig Entertainment, 800-690-9370
Invitation Website: Mom Marlo
Water Bottle Box/Water Bottle:
Pillow: Jane Sheinfeld, The Pieced Palette, 914-420-1746
Custom Blanket:
Custom Flag: North Star Flags, 800-958-3009
Color War Items:
Party City
Dresses for family members
: A Step Ahead Fashions, 203-329-2959
Transportation: Leprechaun Coach Buses, 800-MAGIC17
Party security: Provided by Camp Starlight



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