Top 5 Tips: Creating A Mitzvah Candy Bar On A Budget

Top 5 Tips: Creating A Mitzvah Candy Bar On A Budget

By Lauren Sachs, Sweet City Candy

Our most frequently asked question is “how do I create a candy bar or buffet on a budget.” As online candy experts, rest assured we have some terrific pointers. Here are our top 5 tips:

1. Set your candy budget
If you are working with a budget, always decide how much money you have to spend before you begin to shop. This way you won’t have to feel let down and return items when you get to the check-out page. You will be very surprised how much candy you can get on any budget, especially when purchasing items from a wholesale candy distributor.

2. Choose a color palette
For a more sophisticated looking table, narrowing down your choices by color will make things easier for you and make your candy bar look more attractive. Try and choose 3-4 colors. For example, a great combination for Weddings and Bar or Bat Mitzvahs are black and white with one or two color accents of your choice.

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3. Pick a theme
Instead of randomly selecting candy, some people enjoy creating “themes”. Two terrific Candy Bar themes that we recently put together were “Elegant” and “Retro.” For Retro (great for a birthday party or milestone anniversary) we recommend old-fashioned candy like Wax Bottles, Candy Buttons, Necco Wafers, Nerds, etc. For the Elegant theme we recommend Malted Milk Balls (in colors or hues of black & white), Rock Candy, Jordan Almonds and Nonpareils. Other fun themes include Sports, Candy Couture, and Chocoholic, to name a few. Dreaming up your own ideas can be loads of fun!

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4. Prioritize your “must-have” candies
Two things to take into account are understanding the size of your party and identifying the “must-have” candy items. Once you have determined how much candy you need and selected your core items, look for other candies that can round out your bar. Jelly Beans and Gummy’s are great options for creating a sizable candy bar that won’t break the bank. Other cost-effective options that look spectacular are Salt Water Taffy, Licorice Bites, and Jordan Almonds to name a few.

5. Buy in bulk
Nothing beats buying in bulk – you receive a large quantity for a fraction of the cost. If you purchase from a retail store -vs- an online wholesaler, you’ll be paying a major mark-up, so you will only get a small portion of the candy that you would otherwise get from a wholesaler (not to mention that a wholesaler will offer a much wider selection to choose from.)

Photo Credits: Black & White Candy Bar by Belle Fleur ; Retro candy bar by Chandelier Events, photo by Dave Robbins Photography.

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