Putting It All On The Table: Setting the Mood

Putting It All On The Table: Setting the Mood

Decor is something your guests will immediately notice upon entering your reception. It can range from simple to extravagant, but should always be a reflection of who the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child is and how you want the reception to feel.

Premier Skirting is a custom manufacturer of tablecloths, napkins, chair covers and sashes, table skirting, event furniture, and draperies. They have recently expanded and their services now include full service event design and customized party planning.

Beth and Ross Yudin purchased this company 10 years ago and the company has been in business for over 45 years.

We sat down with Beth to find out if there are any tips in picking the right table linens for your Mitzvah.

MM: You say selecting the correct linens for your event should be the first step. Why?
BY: Event planners start with linen designs and selections to help create sensational atmospheres. Whether you are looking to be the belle of the ball with Cinderella table skirting, or a NYC type lounge with sequins and furry fabrics, you can find the right linens to help formulate your party’s theme.

Yudin cheetah

Animal prints are always in fashion!

Yudin Skirting story - polka dots

A whimsical feel with colorful dots!

Yudin Skirting

Keep your young guests busy with a chalkboard table cloth!

MM: How does one get started on selecting their linens?
BY: After you book your venue, you should start thinking about the linens – even before you decide on the party decor. Coordinating with the venue, and table availability is an important part of the planning process. It will determine whether you may have to rent tables, and most importantly what kind of linen best suits your theme, venue, and tables.

Yudin New Years Eve

An elegant look!

Yudin under_the_sea_1

Under the sea theme!

Yudin Skirting

Here’s a black spandex cloth with a silver metallic stripe, the chair covers are black satin and the napkins are also black satin with a silver merrowed edge

MM: What if the venue is already providing basic linens?
BY: If your venue is already providing basic tablecloths and napkins, you can still enhance the linen by renting toppers, and or coordinating napkins, or maybe just upgrading to chair covers.  One of the best questions when starting this process is to ask the caterer how many people the room can hold comfortably.  Make sure that there is enough room for all of the tables, chairs, furniture, games, entertainers etc…


This lime green cloth on the left gets a “table lift”
with the pink circle topper on the right!

Yudin Tiki

A Tiki tableskirted custom bar

MM: Any cost-saving tips?
The most cost effective way to help enhance your party is to coordinate with what your venue already has to offer.  Check out the color of the walls, what type of chairs do they have, are the tables round or oval, what size are the cocktail tables, do they own high top bar tables and stools?

MM: How can you work themes into the decor with linens?
When developing a theme for your Mitzvah, it is of great importance to start with the linen.  Linen sets the tone of the room, and is a foundation upon which to build on.  The decorations compliment each other and should all come together when the party room is ready. Here are 6 ways that linens can change the look of a room:

1) Add a colored tablecloth on the table for the most impact.

Beth Skirting

Kids love the tie-dyed look!

2) Coordinate with a beautiful napkin

Yudin Skirting

These red napkins add a pop of color to this white cloth

3) Cover your chairs or add a bow to the back

Yudin Skirting

Chair covers can change the entire look!

Yudin Skirting

4) Change the kids buffet linen

Yudin Skirting
This eyelash furry cloth adds an element of fun to the kids dessert buffet!

5) Cover hightop tables or bar stools

Yudin Skirting

These high tables stand out with a bright red linen

6) Finish with some party pillows in the kids lounge area

Yudin Skirting

Yudin Skirting


MM: Any trends you are seeing?
Although the trend today is towards lounge, remember the basics, people do like to sit down.  Make sure that you have enough seating.  Kids are people and they don’t like to sit on the floor just because the lounge was designed poorly and there’s no where for them to sit.  Currently, some venues own their own lounge furniture, which can be intermixed with small tables. Spandex is also very popular if you are doing a modern, lounge theme.

Yudin Skirting story - spandex

Cool color spandex chairs

Yudin Skirting story - lounge

Lounge area with custom pillows

MM: What are the trendy colors for 2010?
Event linen colors are followed directly from the world of women’s fashions. Below are the top ten Spring Colors for 2010. Usually these colors take time to evolve, so you will see designers using them for events about six months behind the fashion world. Also, interestly, they are taken from the music world, and everyone is watching Lady Gaga. With her unusual style, she has added a strong influence to the fashion world and has added metallic silver, with a touch of outer space to the event world.

Yudin skirtingYudin Skirting



You are invited to a cocktail party!

Premier Skirting and W Events present the first Couture Linen Event on Thursday, April 15, 2010 at 7PM at the Woodbury Country Club.

This runway show is designed around event planning and will give you insight on how linens can take your event form the ordinary to the extraordinary.

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