Philadelphia Bar Bat Mitzvah vendors with open fall dates

Philadelphia Vendors With Available Bar Bat Mitzvah Dates This Fall

Philadelphia Vendors With Available Bar Bat Mitzvah Dates This Fall

If you are one of the many Philadelphia area families who is postponing their spring Bar or Bat Mitzvah due to the coronavirus outbreak, Mitzvah Market is here to help you with the re-booking process.

Following is a list of Bar Bat Mitzvah vendors who work in/near Philadelphia who also have availability for many fall dates.  Please check category and dates below and contact vendors quickly as availability is changing daily.

We hope this makes the re-booking process a little easier.

Other vendors in the Philadelphia area here.


Xplosive Entertainment
[email protected]
We have multiple offices for your convenience, and an incredibly talented team of event professionals capable of executing some of the most unique, demanding, and high energy events out there!
Available dates: All dates open except 10/17.


Captured Event LLC
[email protected]
The joy and excitement on a child’s face on the day of their Bat/Bat Mitzvah is the main focus of my photography.
Available dates: Sept: 9/4, 9/5, 9/6, 9/18, 9/19, 9/20. Oct: 10/16. Nov: 11/6, 11/7, 11/8, 11/20, 11/21, 11/22. Dec: 12/4, 12/5, 12/6.


Amazing Bottle Dancers
[email protected]
The surprise highlight for kids & adults alike! Spectacular Bar/Bat honoree Grand Entrances! We’re simply the brief “Tradition” part of your simcha!
Available dates: Most Friday nights, Saturday (afternoon/evening) and Sunday (afternoon/evening).

Eureka Puzzles
[email protected]
We bring Giant Games, Mechanical Puzzles, Challenge Courses, Juggling and Tight-Wire Circus Workshops, Indoor Mini Golf, an Escape Room, Guest-Table Activities, Music and Game Leaders to teach and facilitate the entertainment.
Available dates: All dates open August – December except Oct: 10/3, 10/17, 10/24. Nov – 11/7, 11/28. 

Glam On The Go
[email protected]
We provide neon booths, Glam Bars featuring lashes, crystals, and glitter lips. The Tattoo Station has hand drawn paint, glitter, temporary, luxury brand and henna designs for all ages. Additionally, the Perfume Station features an array of scents and colognes to make an unforgettable experience for your guests.
Available dates: Most Friday nights, Saturday (afternoon/evening) and Sunday (afternoon/evening).

The Extreme Magic of Eric Wilzig
[email protected]
NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” star Eric Wilzig brings unique and memorable MAGIC to your Bar/Bat Mitzvah event! Eric’s magic can only be labeled as INTENSELY ENTERTAINING and totally DIFFERENT than anything else out there today!
Available dates: Sept – all dates available except 9/12 evening and 9/13 afternoon. Oct – all dates available except 10/3 afternoon. Nov- all dates available except 11/6 evening.

Here’s a list (by category) of other Bar Bat Mitzvah experts who are all ready to help you with your child’s celebration:
Montage and Entrance Videos
Tutors & Service Prep
Candle Lighting Poems & Speeches
Logos and Branding
Event Planners
Kippah, Kippot & Yarmulke 
Food & Caterers

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