Kid To Kid: The Mitzvah Presentation Gift

Kid To Kid: The Mitzvah Presentation Gift


If you are the parent of a young lady on the “Mitzvah circuit,” you might find yourself helping your daughter with “the presentation gift.”

Let us explain…many of the girls like to “present” their friend with something special that represents what their friendship means.

If you are not the Martha Stewart type, you have probably made many trips to the crafts store. We checked in with Mitzvah kids currently “on the circuit” to learn more about what they are creating:

1. The Poster – With today’s technology and apps, there are many options. A popular one right now is Photo Mosaica. This can be downloaded for free from the App Store. It’s then easy to create a mosaica of you and your friend. The image can be downloaded and printed for a small fee. 

Kid To Kid: Photo Mosaica
A great framed picture for your Bat Mitzvah friend!

2. The Wooden Collage – This will require a trip to a crafts store unless you have a woodworking shop in your basement or garage! Select any type of wood item. Paint the wood a color and start adding photos. Cover with shellac and let dry.

Presentation gift - bench

A heart-shaped wooden bench

Presentation Gift: Kid To Kid
Wooden initial letters of the guest of honor

Presentation Gift: Kid To Kid
A decorated mirror

Presentation Gift: Kid To Kid
A painted chest with duct tape decor

3. The Framed Collage or Scrapbook – Using old and new photos (you can easily make copies with a color copier and save the originals – you might need them for your montage!), stickers and magazine clippings, you can create a meaningful collage for your special friend. Be on the lookout for sales on basic frames and stock up.

Presentation gift collage

4. Melted crayons – This idea is all over! Attach crayons to a board, then using a blow dryer, you can melt crayons until they drip down. The back side of this creation had a collage of photos and a letter to the Bat Mitzvah girl.

 Presentation Gift: Kid to Kid

Big thanks to Samantha Collins and Hallie Fishman, two future Bat Mitzvah girls who are “on the circuit” and experts on this topic!

Good luck and if you and your child create something unique and special, let us know at [email protected]


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