Party Planners For Your Child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah Celebration

Party Planners For Your Child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah Celebration


Planning your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah is a huge undertaking and even the most organized and creative DIY’ers need help!

Party planners are a great resource for all-things Bar Bat Mitzvah. You can hire someone to do it all or if you love the details, you can partner with a party planner throughout process. Either way, it’s wonderful to have an “expert” on hand who knows all about planning such an important milestone.





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Charlotte Berwind Fine Foods
Contact: Charlotte Berwind, 845-228-4905, [email protected]

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Chef Charlotte Berwind encourages her clients to have the event reflect their inner spirit and experience, to reflect what you hold dear in your familial and cultural heritage, to pull your guests into that world. Part of every culture’s experience of joy is abundance. Too many side dishes, too many desserts, that spirit of abundance captures the essence of the service provided by Charlotte Berwind Fine Foods. Guests that have dietary restrictions receive the same creativity and attention to detail that will ensure everyone is delighted. Relationships with the best florists and bakers, a wide selection of exquisite linens and china to match every theme and setting from country casual to elegant Manhattan pied ‘a terre. Charlotte Berwind Fine Foods boasts an outstanding event staff that is courteous and professional guaranteeing you a memorable and worry free event. Charlotte Berwind and her staff have a flair for major event design and planning. Whether you are looking to host your event in a museum, a mansion, or on your own property, Charlotte Berwind and her staff will create the extravaganza you can only begin to envision.


Charlotte Berwind Fine Foods composite

Top Left Photo: The delight of your guests upon the reveal

Bottom Left Photo: A memorable First Course: Salmon Roulade with Gazpacho Cream, White Corn Agnolotti with White Truffle Oil, Baby Greens, Shaved Fennel, Grapes & Dill in a Sherry Vinaigrette with an Asiago Crouton

Top Right Photo: Perfectly planned ambiance

Bottom Right Photo: Our Satay Garden 

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Contact: Nancy Hoehler, 646-524-6491, [email protected]

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ShimmerNYC, founded by Nancy Hoehler, combines her life-long love of entertaining, detail oriented focus, and a successful 25 year Wall Street career to address the needs of those seeking the very best in entertaining.

ShimmerNYC is a full service event planning company, which is passionate about making your Bar/Bat Mitzvah a memorable event. We will work with you to make sure every detail is perfect. ShimmerNYC becomes your partner by getting to know your style and vision, working within your budget and making it your best day ever– your job is to come and enjoy yourself and your guests!

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Top Left Photo: A picture is worth a thousand words. What a better way to welcome your guests with a sign in board with the guest of honor doing what he loves

Bottom Left Photo: Broadway is such a great theme for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs with so many ways to incorporate it into your party. Include it on your invitations, add it to your decor and centerpiece ideas and you will set the stage for an amazing event. We can help you develop any theme you can imagine

Top Right Photo: What a fun way to say good bye to your guests… A personalized candy bar with the Bat Mitzvah girl’s logo and all her favorite candy

Bottom Right Photo: A beautiful centerpiece in a dramatic color accents a totally white venue 

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