Extra Entertainment For Your Bar Bat Mitzvah Celebration

Extra Entertainment For Your Bar Bat Mitzvah Celebration


There are many details when planning your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration and the entertainment is an important decision.  

Consider something “extra” fun for the kids and adults during the cocktail hour and/or actual celebration such as interactive graffiti, Foosball, Urban Hoops or Pipe Cleaner Art! 

We have a group of vendors listed below who can help add a little extra fun to your child’s celebration. Enjoy!



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Wendy The Pipe Cleaner Lady 
Contact: Wendy Baner, 631-757-5342, [email protected]  


Wendy The Pipe Cleaner Lady logo 

Wendy The Pipe Cleaner Lady is the world’s foremost authority on Pipe Cleaner Art. She catches everyone’s attention the moment she arrives wearing her unique handmade sparkling costume, along with her cart with its flashing lights and a sampling of Wendy creations. Her colorful cart of fun is filled with an unparalleled assortment of pipe cleaners, which are used to teach everyone how to make all kinds of fun, whimsical and wearable creations. In her years of experience, she has developed certain techniques that can have anyone addicted to pipe cleaners by the end of the event. Everyone says, “Who knew you could make so many things with plain-old pipe cleaners?” Wendy also offers pre-made items that can be used as giveaways, such as trays of her famous cocktail rings (in assorted party colors).

Wendy has appeared on The Martha Stewart Show and on Access Hollywood, and was featured in Martha Stewart’s Wedding magazine and in The Wall Street Journal. Wendy will travel to all types of events all over the U.S. Her motto is “have pipe cleaners…will travel!”

Wendy The Pipe Cleaner Lady


Top left photo: Wendy’s appearance on Access Hollywood

Top right photo: A ring for almost every finger! (Butterfly, roses, daisies and a sunflower)

Center right photo: Big bangle bracelet shown in sports team colors

Bottom left photo: A rainbow assortment of my famous daisy rings 

Bottom right photo: An assortment of fun; a monkey and a guy shooting hoops, a frog, a football, a sunflower and a daisy ring

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Interactive Entertainment Group
Contact: Patti Dukofsky, 800-760-0724, [email protected]


Interactive Entertainment Group


Interactive Entertainment Group is a nationwide direct source and full service event production company. They produce unforgettable events for their clients including the following elements: DJ’s/MC’s, photo favors, lighting, cocktail hour entertainment, light-up lounges, specialty acts, interactive games, montages, entrance videos, fun food carts, a variety of craft and party favors, and party endings. What makes them different? They customize all of the above elements to meet their clients style, vision, and budget. 

Interactive Entertainment Group: Themed blast

Top left photo: Doodle Jump – This is the giant arcade version of continuously one of the highest ranked apps in the iTunes store since its release. The game has sold a record number of copies and is played over and over each day. Available on more than 2,700 different mobile handset models globally

Top right photo: Urban Hoops – Urban hoops is an inner city park inspired basketball game gone hi-tech. The game is enclosed with authentic chain link fencing. The backboard is made to look like the side of a brick apartment building. Our high tech LED flat screen scoreboard is built into the background. The vinyl ball return is printed asphalt with court chalk lines. All graphics on the scoreboard can be customized including the background image and two places for logos or photos. Music is queued to play themed tunes

Middle left photo: Virtual Graffiti Wall – Instead of paint, when the cap is pressed the can ‘sprays’ infra red light, which is tracked by a computer as it moves across the screen. The digital paint appears wherever the can is sprayed, just like spraying paint on a real wall. As well as its wide palette of paint colors, new features such as animated stars, swirls, drip effect paint and a variety of stencils are now available, and we can even custom make further spray patterns and stencils to reflect your event or client. The wall can be used in all events! Green Screen Add On: Guests take photos in front of the green screen which allows them to be superimposed into various backgrounds on the Virtual Graffiti Wall. If green screen is added on there will need to be an additional 8×8 area

Middle right photo: InstaCam – The InstaCam photo booth provides an event experience like no other. You get the traditional photo Booth experience, with the ability to take photos and print from any smart phone in the room
Step 1 – Guests Take a photo with Instagram from their Smart Phone or directly at the Kiosk
Step 2 – Use Custom Hashtag when posting your picture to Instagram
Step 3 – Photos instantly prints at the Instagram Kiosk

Bottom photo: Giant Angry Birds – It’s the world’s most downloaded game that has people of all ages hooked, waiting for updates and new levels. It’s now here in giant life sized form. Enjoy flinging a stuffed bird with a slingshot towards the pigs. This will have your guests amused for hours as you can change the layouts of the pigs


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NY Party Works: The Entertainment Specialists
Contact: [email protected], 800-469-3866

NY Party Works logo


Your Entertainment Specialist for Event Planning & Party Rentals Party Works is one of the premier New York Event Companies, covering the entire Northeast and Mid-Atlantic areas. Whether you’re looking for Event Planning and/or Party Rentals in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania or any other state in this area, NY Party Works has it all. Our professional staff of event planners & event supervisors are on hand to offer you the BEST event service you’ll find anywhere in the country.

 Whether you’re looking for photo novelties, photo booths or casino equipment, inflatable’s or top of the line virtual reality games NY Party Works has it all.

 NY Party Works is fully insured and permitted in NY, NJ, MA, and PA.

NY Party Works: Composite

 Top left photo: Instagram Photo Station: Pick a hashtag for your event and tell your guests to tag all their photos with it. Not only can they send all their photos to friends and family but they can see a slideshow of all the photos taken by everyone on a large screen. We will also print out the photos so they have them to take home

Top right photo: Your guests can create interactive graffiti designs and messages on our super large screen with a virtual spray paint can.  Any color, and design is possible, it’s up to your talent and imagination. We can use your photo, logo or any image as the background or part of the design. Then your guests can create their masterpiece all around it. Once it is complete, we will print out a photo of it to preserve it forever.  It can even be immortalized on a tee shirt, as an extra special party favor

 Bottom left photo: Here’s our 16’ – up to 16 player LED foosball table. With 4 balls in play the action is non-stop

Bottom right photo: Choose from over 200 custom decals to make your “beatz” headphones uniquely your own. Whether you are a die-hard sports fan or a fashionista there is a design choice for everyone and is a great take home party favor


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