Mom To Mom Advice – Untraditional Candle Lighting Ideas

Mom To Mom Advice – Untraditional Candle Lighting Ideas

Question – I’m looking for suggestions of untraditional candle lighting ideas?


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8 Responses to “Mom To Mom Advice – Untraditional Candle Lighting Ideas”

  1. Wߋw, this article is nice, my younger siѕter is analyzing these kinds of thіngs, sso I am going
    to tell her.

  2. Randi says:

    There is the Past, Present and Future candles. Grandparents come up for the Past, Parents for the Present, and Siblings for Future. You can also put voltive candles on all the tables and ask that everyone at the tables make a wish and get the party started….

  3. Stephanie Feldman says:

    I designed this candle lighting ice sculpture for my son Joshua’s Ice hockey themed Bar Mitzvah that was this past April 5th, 2014.

    It was a HUGE hit! People went CRAZY over this!

    His Ice Hockey theme was New York Rangers so this worked perfectly. I also designed the table centerpieces which also were all ice sculptures.

  4. Claudia says:

    We’re It Could Be Verse and we have a fun and emotional idea as an alternative to the candle lighting ceremony. It’s a puzzle ceremony! You send us 2 photos of your child… photo is a baby picture and one photo is a current . We’ll blow them up and cut the current one into as many pieces as you need. (your number of honorees)

    The puzzle changes from child into their current self as your child calls up
    family and friends to place a piece and complete the puzzle to make them who they are today!
    You, Mom ( and Dad)will be the last piece…as you “complete” your child. We provide the opening poem to set the scene!
    Take a look:

  5. Naomi says:

    My son was really nervous and overwhelmed about writing witty poems. We ended up hiring this composer/singer guy who worked with him to help him write funny lyrics to music. The guy then sang it during the candle writing and it was a huge hit. My son now writes lyrics for songs all the time.

  6. Sue says:

    We did something unusual…Simon Elliot Events built a NYC skyline and as my son called each guest up to light a candle, a light on the skyline also lite up. This is now a piece of artwork hanging in his room.

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