Mom To Mom Advice – Travel To Israel Question

Mom To Mom Advice – Travel To Israel Question

Question – My family is thinking about going to Israel to celebrate my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. I would love to know about other families experiences. Please share…. 


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  1. miri shimonovich says:

    HI all
    my name is Miri I live in Jerusalem I have 2 sons that have been Bar mitzva so if you have any question about celebrating in Israel I will be happy to help you
    if you are coming to Israel and need a professional photographer for your event you can write to me

  2. Elizabeth says:

    My son did not want a traditional service and our extended family does not live close by so a service in Israel made a lot of sense. We traveled with Isram and had a great time. There are many companies based on budget and style. Our ceremony was on Masada. Truly a moving experience. Our party was in Jeruselum. There were many special events for the kids. We had a small party for his friends when we returned.

  3. Kelly says:

    What a special way to celebrate not only your child’s rite of passage but your family as a whole. There are many different resources to help you plan.

    I would first check with your synagogue to see if your clergy is going to be leading a trip. It is a nice way to travel and to have the community supporting you and your child.

    There are a variety of tour companies that run general trips and can help you plan as well. Here are a few links:

    It might be fun to customize your trip specifically for your family. Maybe every member can pick a specific location that they would like to visit and this could help craft your itinerary.

    Finally, have your child get their friends involved. Maybe there is a charity that you are involved with, or that you know about in Israel. Have your child do a project, or collect an item that the charity can use and bring it with you. I know one family whose child got her friends to make sock puppets and donated them to a hospital for the pediatric ward.

    Good luck and Mazal tov!

  4. Andrea says:

    It was an experience of a lifetime for our family! We went on a trip with other families through our synagogue. It was wonderful to share it with friends and close family. We all felt more connected to our Judaism and to each other. Highly recommend it!

  5. Gail says:

    Taking a family trip to Israel around your child’s Bar Mitzvah is priceless. Whether or not you do this in place of a party at home or not, it will be such a memorable and special experience…you will not regret it! We went around the time of my son’s Bar Mitzvah and definitely made my kids appreciate judaism and the state of Israel so much.

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