Mom To Mom Advice – Montage Question

Mom To Mom Advice – Montage Question

Question – I’m about to begin the “Mitzvah Montage” process for my twins B’nai Mitzvah. It’s a daunting task to look through and decide on pictures that span 13 years. Any advice? 

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  1. Marlene says:

    Mazel Tov on your upcoming B’nai Mitzvah! A Photo Montage is a wonderful way to look back on the special people, places and events in your life. With my Montage company, Marvelous Montages – – I suggest to look for pictures that have some action in them, a great location, a special memory. It doesn’t have to be every photo, but it’s good to have a variety of images and not just the same people looking at the camera smiling picture after picture. I love to “bring your photos to life”, so anything that can spark the imagination and make your photos extra special on screen, is what I suggest when looking through your pictures.

    Some people like to have their Montages presented chronologically from baby photos to present time. Some people like to have them grouped in categories – main family, sports, guest of honor(s) alone, vacations, friends, etc. When looking at your photos in order, you can try to look at them as if they’re telling a story and are a mini movie to get an idea of the flow of photos. Look for songs that compliment your photos – I usually find that ending the Montage with an energetic song is a great way to finish the video.

    The Montage will be a special presentation for the Celebration and also a video to watch many times over through the years. When you’re watching the Montage, you’ll be very happy with the time, energy and love you brought to gathering your photos, that now make this awesome video you can watch and look back on. Please check out the creative samples at Marvelous Montage – I love creating Montages and it would be great to hear from the readers of this question and design your keepsake video. 🙂 ~ Marlene 🙂

  2. Jenny says:

    Being in the montage business, I find that clients can be very overwhelmed at first with making video montages. But with some thoughtful preplanning and tips from other moms or montage companies, things will run a lot smoother…and you will actually enjoy the process!

    For those people that don’t know where to begin, it’s easiest to just start pulling photo selects, and copying them to a folder on your desktop…or looking at paper photos and putting them in a pile. Once you’ve done one round, you can just keep looking through them and pulling out photos that are not as good as the others. Just keep going through rounds until you have between 150-200 photos.

    From there, you’ll start to notice that there may be some underlying themes…maybe you have more birth, sports, dance recital pictures than others. From there you can start to categorize (chronologically and/or by theme).

    It’s also a good idea to sprinkle several 10-15 second video clips within the montage as well because it keeps the audience’s interest, making the video more compelling. After choosing your photos and videos, you can think about music to choose. Try to pick songs that have lyrics which compliment your story, and that are meaningful to your family. We generally recommend having a couple of sentimental songs mixed with a couple of cheery, upbeat songs.

    For more tips about what people do these days and how to make the process smoother, you can visit my blog at

    If you need more suggestions or help with the process of your montage, you can visit my company’s vendor listing for Mitzvah Market – Storyteller Productions, or contact me at

    Just remember this video will not only be a very important part of your twin’s special day, but you’ll be able to enjoy it in the years to come, like a time capsule made of your special memories…so it will be totally worth it! Good luck!

  3. shari says:

    I have a video montage business. I am currently working on B’nai montage. My client has a lot of pictures but I told him the “less is more” philosophy. I tell all my clients to group the pictures according to baby pictures, (with mom and dad), sibling pictures including all of the immediate family, extended family pictures, and friends. Once you have all the pictures sorted, start weeding out the bad pictures and pictures of the people who your kids are not friends with anymore and keep it to only include the important people. It is also important to put the pictures in number order so whoever is working on your project knows the correct order. The number of pictures I tell everyone is 130ish pictures makes for a nice montage. Adding video also adds another dimension to the project.
    If you have any questions or need help in the production of your montage, I am listed in the vendor directory on Mitzvah Market, Images4ever.

  4. Molly says:

    It is a daunting process – but well worth it. What a wonderful gift for the twins to have this to look back at. Once thing I did for my daughters was ask my daughters’ friends parents for pictures. I found they had some really great pictures from key events that I did not have. These pictures were also great to include because it kept the kids engaged while watching the montage. They wanted to see themselves. Good Luck!

  5. Robyn says:

    The fact that they are twins is probably a good thing because I would imagine they were photographed together for quite a few years. Consider the task of choosing the photos as a trip down memory lane. My husband and I had fun looking back at the baby pics, of course I did get a little welled-up, but we laughed a lot and so did our son! It’s not an exact science, just choose the photos you love!

  6. Dana says:

    We did something that was such a big hit! At the end of my daughter’s montage was a short clip by her younger brother announcing his Bar Mitzvah date which was two years later at the same venue. Then when it came time for his celebration, we started his montage with that clip from 2 years earlier. He had grown about 5 inches and the transformation in two years was comical. Everyone got a big kick out of it.

  7. Gail says:

    Although it was initially overwhelming, I enjoyed the process. Looking through old photos can be really fun.
    Try to organize yourself before you start by making a list of how many photos you want at each age, and what family members and/or friends you want included in your photos. I tried to stick to a certain # of photos (my goal was about 100). If you start breaking it down by age, it will help you limit yourself as you look through them. Initially I picked out a lot more than 100, but as I went through them over and over again, and separated by age and how many I had with parents, siblings, grandparents and other special family members and friends, it became easier to eliminate and narrow down to the final # I wanted to include in the montage. I also think it’s fun to include a few short video clips that will make your guests laugh and enjoy the video even more

  8. Jane says:

    Many of my kids pictures were not digital, so I needed to go into albums and pull photos to scan. When removing the photo from the album, I put a post-it note with a number in the place of the picture. I put the same number on the back of the photo. This made it much easier to put all the pictures back where they came from after they were scanned! It is a process, but worth the effort! Good luck to you.

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